25 of the best sports gadgets

adidas Tango 12 Finale



Following on from the controversial Jabulani, which made every day squeaky bum time for goalies in the last World Cup, the Tango will be the match ball used in this summer’s Euro 2012 tournament. Engineered from top notch materials and almost totally spherical (there’s no protuberances to affect flight), it’s quite possibly the finest ball ever kicked.

Callaway upro MX



If you’re serious about improving your golf game, this GPS unit could be the ideal secret weapon. Tiny and equipped with a 2.2-inch multi-touch screen, it comes with data from over 25,000 courses pre-loaded – but you can add hi-res aerial shots to supplement those and view video flyovers for each hole. You can measure the distance between any two points on a hole, view detailed diagrams of greens and even store all your cards for future geekery.

UFC Personal Trainer for Kinect


UFC Personal Trainer

UFC Personal Trainer is the fitness game that’ll slap/punch/grapple you into shape rather than gently encourage you to tone up a la Wii Fit. You’ll need a fair bit of living room space for some of the exercises, but they really do work in shaping you up, and are addictive to boot.




An app that does what it says on the tin, tracking your morning jog using your phone’s GPS and later mapping it on a website. You can use it to plan your workouts and meals, and to train for specific events like a 10k – although when you get deep into it premium membership is a must.

Helly Hansen Duffel Bag


Helly Hansen

This 90-litre capacity bag is fully water repellent, giving you the perfect place to stash your sports gear in the wonderful British summertime. Available in a range of colours and featuring a padded shoulder strap and interior pockets, it’s an ideal sporting companion.

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