25 best platform games ever

Tomb Raider (1996)

Simultaneously showcased the capabilities of the PlayStation while flaunting the remarkable assets of its heroine, the sublime Lara Croft.

Rick Dangerous 2 (1990)

The Indiana Jones-style swashbuckler Rick Dangerous completed an Indy-style adventure in the first game, and came back with a laser-guided bang in the sequel. After a UFO lands in London, Rick goes all superhero on their alien asses.

Bionic Commando (1987)

For anyone who dreamed of swinging through life in a Spider-Man stylee, Bionic Commando was a Godsend. The title character's bionic arm could be fired at far-off areas to grapple and swing across gaps, as well as pound enemies into submission. Unusually for a platformer, the hero couldn't actually jump.

Treasure Island Dizzy (1987)

The egg-shaped adventurer, Dizzy, had his biggest challenge in this, the second game of the series. Collecting a variety of items was key to finally getting off that dastardly puzzle-filled island.

Rainbow Islands (1987)

The sequel to Bubble Bobble saw Bub and Bob in human form, no longer blowing bubbles but producing solid rainbows they could use to dispatch enemies or bridge gaps.