25 best movie gadgets

Top tech that has yet to escape the confines of the silver screen – hurry up, inventors, we want our Hoverboard

It's not just Bond who gets to play with gadgets at work. The silver screen has been peppered with (often fanciful) technology since time immemorial. Here - in no particular order - are some of the best movie gadgets...

JARVIS (Iron Man)

JARVIS (Iron Man)

An acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System, JARVIS is Tony Stark’s long-suffering AI butler – tidying up after his messes and helping him assemble new versions of the Iron Man armour. In the comics, Tony has to make do with a mere human manservant, Edwin Jarvis. For the film, Tony's upgraded to an artificial intelligence blessed with the plummy tones of Paul Bettany – who recorded his lines without having any idea he was playing a machine.