25 best movie explosions ever

Dambusters (1955)

On the off chance you haven’t seen Dambusters, or can’t decipher the utterly unambiguous title hint, the best of British sticks it to Jerry with bouncing bombs that explode dams. Rock up at around 02:20 for a good example.

Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

If you’re going to die, try not to fall on the dynamite plunger rigged to the bridge you’ve just built. That was the lesson we learned from Bridge on the River Kwai, as Alec Guinness helped the titular structure, and a trainload of soldiers, find its way to the ground.

The Matrix (1999)

There is no spoon, but are lots of bangs in the Wachowski brothers’ reality-questioning action thriller. The Matrix’s finest explosive moment is the ultra-slo-mo helicopter crash that showed the rippling glass of a skyscraper giving way to a neatly circular blast.

Jackass 3D (2010)

What’s better than explosions on film? Explosions on film in 3D, that’s what. Jackass 3D delivers with this final scene, shot in super slo-mo. The 2D clip here doesn’t really do it justice, but while you’re saving up the cash for a 3DTV, you’ll have to make do.

Scanners (1981)

Two words: exploding head. The crowning moment of Scanners was made by filling a prosthetic head with animal livers and blasting it with a shotgun. But don’t let that put you off.