25 best game heroes ever

Duke Nukem

The ultimate all-American hero. The Duke is a cigar-smoking, alien-stomping jacked-up machismo-filled ass kicker with snazzy one-liners and a desire to spill the guts of any alien scum that cross his path.

Finest hour... Duke Nukem 3D (1996)

Miner Willy

Mr Willy risked his life constantly by collecting shiny objects before his oxygen supply was depleted. Not only that, but he masterfully avoided the wrath of all kinds of nasty lurkers, including poisonous pansies, spiders and manic mining robots. True courage at its finest.

Finest hour... Manic Miner (1983)

Simon the Sorcerer

Would you follow a dog called Chippy through a magic portal into another dimension? Well Simon did and he soon found himself on a great adventure, evading goblins and saving Wizards. Not bad for an ordinary teenager (with the voice of Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie).

Finest hour... Simon the Sorcerer (1993)

Lara Croft

Okay, so the chances of finding a stunningly beautiful woman skilled in combat, weaponry, free running and archaeological treasure hunting in real life are slim to none, but the hordes of fans with Lara Croft desktop wallpapers don't seem to care.

Finest hour... Tomb Raider (1996)


One of the most popular of the Street Fighter characters, Ryu is the reason why thousands of kids at school were thrusting their hands forward at each other and yelling "Hadouken". The crushing disappointment at the lack of any erupting fireballs still haunts us to this day.

Finest hour... Street Fighter II (1991)