230 Miles of Love – the world's first 'satcom'

Bank Holidays, eh? They're all about packing up, escaping the city and heading out... into a massive tailback with thousands of other schmucks.

Billed as "the world's first satcom", 230 Miles of Love is a kind of choose your own adventure for the 21st century. If you're headed on the M6 this Bank Holiday, simply visit and download writer Andrew Shanahan's comedic sketches about the motorway onto your sat-nav for free.

And here's the cool bit – when you reach certain points on your journey, a relevant sketch will be beamed straight to your sat-nav.

There's a different storyline depending on whether you're heading north or south and For Whom The Toll Tolls is a game show that ends differently depending on whether you opt for the Toll or traditional motorway.

The show aims to raise money for The Motivation Charitable Trust, which provides wheelchairs for people in developing countries – and it certainly beats playing I-Spy...