2011 in tech – March

Cupertino took the (smart) covers off its iPad 2, and Nintendo put 3D gaming into our hands with the 3DS

If you were a gadget manufacturer looking to launch a product in March 2011, you were out of luck – as usual, Apple stole everyone's thunder as it took the wrapping off its iPad 2. Of course, was on hand, armed with coffee and Pro Plus to bring you the latest news from the launch.

The second iteration of the iPad added Apple's dual-core A5 chip, dual cameras and HDMI video output to Apple's slate, alongside the innovative Smart Cover. 

Apple wasn't the only game in town during March, though – Nintendo brought 3D gaming into our hands, launching the 3DS at the end of the month. We liked the 3D effect, but weren't so keen on the "dated form and retro tech specs."

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