2011 in tech – February

Our review of the year continues with February – in which Mobile World Congress gave us a first look at a bevy of tablets

For tech fans, February's always a busy month, with Mobile World Congress bringing with it a bounty of smartphone delights. 2011 was no exception, with Samsung choosing MWC to announce its iPhone-beater, the Galaxy S II. Elsewhere, manufacturers were adding features to their smartphones, with Sony Ericsson revealing its "PlayStation Phone," the Xperia Play, and LG showing off its 3D-capable Optimus 3D.

MWC 2011 was all about the tablet, with manufacturers unleashing their rivals for the iPad's crown. Samsung revealed its Galaxy Tab 10.1, HTC brought its Flyer to the party and LG unveiled its Optimus Pad – while HP showed off its ill-fated TouchPad.

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