15in notebooks with SSDs as standard incoming, maybe

Asustek, HP, and Dell may all scrap optical drives in 15in notebooks, but only if Apple does it first

A plan to scrap optical drives, in 15in notebooks and above, in favour of solid state drives may be carried out by Asustek, HP, and Dell – but only if Apple does it first.

Some of the leading notebook manufacturers have all said, according to DigiTimes, they will begin shipping their 15in models without an optical drive unless it is requested specifically. This comes after Apple was rumoured to be unveiling its new MacBook Pro with SSD as standard, with an optical drive as an optional extra. Asustek, HP, and Dell have all made it clear they will wait to see if consumers like Apple’s replacement of the optical drive, and if so, they will do the same.

Sure it’s great for faster drives if this happens, but a sad state for tech innovation.  It’s a bad time when the big notebook creators hide sheepishly behind Apple afraid to try anything new.

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