15in MacBook Air launching in April?

Super slim is about to meet super sized if Apple’s latest plan comes to fruition

Apple may be readying its largest MacBook Air yet, if rumours are to be believed. A source who works for a MacBook dock manufacturer claims a 15in MacBook Air is likely to arrive in April. It will join the 11 and 13in models already on sale.

This 15-incher will offer the skinniness we’ve come to expect from a MacBook Air, but also its paucity of ports (there’ll be no Ethernet socket), and lack of an optical drive.

Assuming this is all gospel, it could mean interesting times for the 15in MacBook Pro. Does anyone want a built-in optical drive and Ethernet port so badly that they would choose the bulkier Pro over the svelte Air?

The mighty 17in MacBook Pro is probably safe, being a popular choice with video editors and other creative on-the-go types. But it may soon become lonely as the only powerhouse in the laptop range as the 15in is replaced by the larger MacBook Air. And according to the dock manufacturer it's prepared to ship as soon as this April.

We’ll keep an eye out for more MacBook Air rumour mongering, but if you were planning on buying a 15in MacBook Pro in the next couple of weeks, probably best you keep your money in your mattress for now. Expect to see the 15in MacBook Air landing in the next 90 days.

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