120GB UMPCs rear their heads

Talk of an Acer Aspire One, replete with 120GB HDD, trickled out onto the pages of the web early last month. But now an eagle–eyed tipster has p

The Acer model comes in Linux and XP versions, costing a pleasingly small £299. Which is an absolute steal seeing as you’ll be able to stash tons of music and video in such a small package.

The new Mini-Note, packed with either Vista Business or Linux starts at £391.65. Substantially more, but then you do get the HP quality build that you won’t find in other more plasticky versions.

For now, they’re preorder only. But surely now they’re on sale, Asus will have to weigh in with yet another Eee PC to see off the competition.


Acer Aspire One and HP Mini-Note with 120GB HDD

Price: Acer Aspire One £299, HP Mini-Note £391.95

On sale: Now

Contact: Expansys