10 things you need to know about the new iPods

We’ve deliberated, cogitated and digested this evening’s iPod news. Here’s all you need to know in bitesized chunkettes…iTune

iTunes 8 – you’ll be be a mixmaster…

Those High Fidelity mixtape moments will be easier, thanks to iTunes 8’s Genius function that “allows you to create playlists of songs that “really work together”.

iTunes 8 …but you’ll be skinter

But the Genius function will also be like having a tiny shop assistant in your iPod or computer, constantly offering “helpful” suggestions of more tunes for you to buy.

iPod nano 4g – bigger is better

Aiming squarely at the mid-range market, Apple has added plenty more bang for your buck to the iPod nano. Bigger screen, bigger memory (8GB or 16GB), better battery life (24 hours battery life for music, 4 hours for video), Santa is sure to see a few on those lists to Lapland this year. And there’s a bigger choice of colours – eight to choose from.

iPod Classic and Touch 2g – smaller is better

The Classic has been rationalised to 120GB, but for a smaller 80GB price tag, while the new Touch is the slimmest yet.

iPod nano 4g – your wrists will get some action

The new nano will come rocking an inbuilt accelerometer for tilty pleasures, as well as integrated Coverflow. If you really want to get those wrists going, there’s also a highly original “shake to shuffle” option.

iPod Touch 2g – your fingers will get a workout

There’s host of new games for the Touch, including Spore Creature Creator, Real Soccer 2009 and Need for Speed.

iPod Touch 2g – you’ll get fitter all round

There’ll be an integrated Nike+ iPod in every new iPod Touch. You’ll have to buy software from iTunes or the App Store, but after that you’ll be literally up and running in no time.

iPod Touch 2g and nano 4g – will turn you green

The new nanos and Touches are arsenic, mercury and PVC-free and 'highly recyclable'

iPod Touch 2g – you can annoy commuters

There’s a new integrated speaker in the iPod Touch 2g, great for annoying folk on your journey to work.  Although there is now an integrated volume control should anyone tell you to turn that Jack Johnson down.

All  iPods – you’ll still want to bin your headphones

Luckily, there are some new accessories to see you right – a new pair of headphones with inline remote, plus a microphone for use with your new voice-recording feature. There are also new earbuds that look like Shures with two drivers in each.