10 things to expect from CES 2013

CES 2013 is looming like a looming thing. We round up some of the best tech coming over the horizon

Flexible displays

Rigid displays are so, erm, this year. Advances in display technology will pave the way for smartphones, laptops and tablets you can bend like a plastic ruler – and CES 2013 could be the first place we see one of the big manufacturers whip out some flexible gadgetry. Bendy Samsung Galaxy S4? Flexible iPhone 6? Oh, the possibilities.

Shapeshifting tablets

No, we don't mean transforming tablets (although that would be awesome). We mean computers and tablets that further blur the line between computing of old and computing of new. Keyboards that swivel around to become a case and stand, keyboards you can detach when you want – you catch our drift. Tablets don't just have to be expensive toys and manufacturers are cottoning on to this. Expect to see more manufacturers getting on this particular bandwagon – perhaps even Apple could cave in and give us an iPad-MacBook hybrid.

Ultra HD TV

Not everyone has a 720p TV, let alone an all-singing and all-dancing 1080p monster. But, like time and buses, display technology waits for no man (or woman). Expect to see CES 2013 being used to showcase insanely detailed 4K televisions, accompanying content and their availability in the home. Who needs OLED when you can enjoy 55in worth of 2560x1600 pixels for ultra HD films and gaming?

Wearable tech

Google wants to put its Project Glass tech-specs on every face in the land – and the big G isn't the only one pushing wearable tech. CES 2013 may reveal a few other manufacturer projects. Sunglasses that can display your emails and the time? A mobile phone beanie? Welcome to the 21st century.

In-car voice control

Now that Siri is being put into cars and voice technology actually works – unless you have a Northern accent – there's set to be an explosion of voice controlled in-car electronics, making it possible to listen to your emails and text messages instead of taking your eyes off the road. Hopefully monotonous robot-like voices will also make a quiet exit.

Super HD smartphone displays

As covered in our supertrends to look out for in 2013 feature, high definition displays are becoming more prominent and this means pixel-per-inch scores over 400. Apart from making Apple's Retina Display look dated, it'll mean untold levels of detail to massage your eyeballs. Full HD on a phone is fast becoming a reality.

Cloud gaming

As mind-bogglingly clever as cloud gaming service OnLive is, it's faltered in the face of the modern-day console and mobile games. But that doesn't mean that the technology is dead – far from it. Up the picture quality, get awesome games on the list and we can see a successor to OnLive emerging from CES 2013. We could even see Sony and Microsoft packing cloud gaming tech into their PlayStation 4 and new Xbox.

Health and fitness

For far too long health and gadgets have sat at opposite ends of the spectrum. But London's Olympic fever and a shift towards healthy living has made health and fitness gadgets big business this Christmas. Expect to see more gadgets at CES that use ever more accurate measurements to track your running, cycling – anything but sitting down all day poring over your iPad. The smartphone skipping rope may just become a reality at next year's CES show.

Invincible gadgets

Clever advances in materials have allowed for plastics with more efficient healing powers than Wolverine. While the commercial availability of these super materials is light years away, conductive polymers could make your touchscreen smartphone impervious to accidental damage. Drop phone, leave for five minutes and all is repaired. No more loophole-ridden phone insurance contracts, then.

Affordable OLED

Because of the principles behind OLED displays, we may see a focus on affordable televisions that begin to eclipse the performance of existing LED, LCD and plasma technologies. Deeper blacks, brighter whites but for less than £7000? We sure hope so – since OLED seems to have all of the positives but few, if any, of the negatives of a modern-day tellybox.

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