10 of the best oddly shaped gadgets

Tired of the same old shapes? Meet the gadgets that don't follow the crowd

B&W Zeppelin Air


B&W’s revamped Zeppelin features shiny new internal upgrades as well as AirPlay compatibility for some sweet wireless streaming action. Not bad for something that looks like a squashed chrome and black rugby ball – albeit an exceedingly gorgeous one.

Casio Tryx


All copies of ‘camera design for dummies’ were destroyed at Casio HQ the day that the Tryx was born. A swivel-hinged screen/camera module is surrounded by a metal casing which doubles up as a handle, hanger and stand. A HDR setting and a motion-sensitive timer are nifty little additions to the 12.1MP snapper.

Yike Bike


This futuristic penny farthing-inspired roller is forged from carbon fibre, resulting in a lithe weight of only 10.8kg – an impressive number given the in-built 450W battery back and electric motor which provides a 6.2 mile range and top speed of 14.4mph. Just be prepared to be stared at down your local high street.

Plumen Designer Lightbulb


Who says lightbulbs have to be boring? Stick a middle finger up to convention by kitting out your swanky abode with these designer light emitters. They also last 8 times longer and use 80% less energy than standard bulbs which is a rather nice bonus.

Weezy Bluetooth Receiver


You may recognise this strange colourful plastic nipple-like device from your latest issue of Stuff but for those who have yet to pick up a copy – it pumps out music from your mobile or PC straight to your music system via the magic of A2DP Bluetooth stereo for hassle-free wireless listening.

Zikmu Parrot by Starck Speakers


If you’ve ever wanted a gigantic upturned vuvuzela as a sound system then these Starck-designed iPod dock/speakers are the perfect solution for you. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming let you cut the cord and a tantalising array of colours ranging from sorbet lime to dragon red should cater for all tastes.

Sony Tablet S (16GB Wi-Fi)


Sony’s first foray into the tablet market is the Tablet S, a Honeycomb-powered device with a unique folded wedge shape design, resulting in a slate that’s easy to hold and stands out from the generic rectangular slabs that are flooding the market.

Microsoft Arc Mouse


Microsoft’s Arc mouse is designed to be ergonomically superior in addition to folding up neatly for on-the-road surfing shenanigans. A scroll wheel, laser tracking and function buttons tick the more traditional design boxes.

Lomo La Sardina Camera (with flash)


Lomo has long been known to produce kooky cams and the Sardina is no exception. Resembling a can of sardines (naturally), the company’s latest model features a wild angle lens and its most powerful flash to date.

Mute Watch


This minimalist watch in has no numbers, buttons, dials or even digits. Fear not however, as a simple tap and a few swipes is all that’s required to display the digital time and to set the vibrating alarm function.


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