10 of the best iPhone 4 accessories

The iPhone 5 isn't here yet, so here are some accessories to spruce up your iPhone 4 a bit

Philips HF3490 Wake Up Light

£160, philips.co.uk

No-one likes being woken up, so if you’re looking for a gentler version of your screeching alarm clock, this could be the answer to your prayers. Like your own bedside sunrise, it’ll gradually brighten until it’s time for a building musical crescendo (or African jungle sounds, if that’s your bag) to finish the job. On the weekends it’ll just quietly charge your iThing. And relax.

Customised case

£19.99, likemycase.com

Personalise your handset with a slim-fitting lightweight case, emblazoned with your favourite photo or design. Create your case online in four simple steps, and LikeMyCase.com takes care of the rest. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are more available images in their case library.

Joby GorillaMobile Flexible Phone Tripod

£35, joby.com

No more of those weird angles when you want to take a picture of yourself and your friends, and no more blurry snaps either. The Gorillamobile offers a flexible and portable tripod for better photos. Simply slide the case onto the tripod, set the timer and say ‘cheese’. The gorillapod’s bendable legs allow you to wrap it around a tree or perch it on rocky surfaces. Do yourself a favour and pair it with Joby's Frame X Frame app.

Gear4 Unity Remote

£80, gear4.com

Throw away your bucket of remotes and control all your AV kit via your iPhone instead. No dongle required, and no need to plug anything into your iPhone, simply hook up to the little black cylinder with Bluetooth and let its IR blaster do the rest. It can even be programmed to do multiple tasks at once. Now, where's the "order a pizza and play all five seasons of The Wire" button?

Griffin RoadTrip Handsfree

£70, amazon.co.uk

Sends tunes to your car's FM radio, gives your iThing a place to perch and charges it, all at the same time. On top of that, it doubles a speakerphone. Now all you have to do is concentrate on the easy bit – driving.

AmpliTube iRig

£30, ikmultimedia.com

Plug your guitar into your phone and jam anywhere, anytime. Now you can endow your iPhone with a host of classic amplifier and microphone effects. Play along with your favourite tracks and even record your own, tweaking the effects repeatedly until you're happy with your next hit. Wandering – or cash-strapped – minstrels, your saviour has arrived.

Proporta Turbocharger 3400

£30, amazon.co.uk

Okay, so you love using your iPhone, but you end up paying the price in volts, tears and missed social events. You need backup, friend. A worthy addition to any gadget bag, the Turbocharger should give you a couple of full recharges before it needs topping up itself. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Sony Ericsson MW600 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

£35, play.com

We don't like to be tied down to our gadgets, and we like choice, so these fit the bill nicely. Using A2DP Bluetooth, they'll play tunes for up to 8.5hrs, have an inbuilt mic for taking calls, and you can swap out the included earphones for your favourite pair of 3.5mm jack-equipped cans.


£150, iworld.co.uk

Turn your iPhone into a photo and video powerhouse. The weighty aluminium mount comes with a 37mm wide angle lens and an adjustable microphone. The extra heft does a good job of minimising shake, while the wide angle lens makes getting everything in the frame a doddle. We know it looks silly, but it works.

Arcam rCube

£500, sevenoakssoundandvision.co.uk

It's not new, but it's still very clever and – in our opinion – the finest dock you'll find for £500. Why? Read the review.


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