10 of the best film noir movies

Citizen Kane


Orson Welles was given complete control over the project from start to finish, despite being a first-time director. In return he produced what is frequently cited as the best film of all time.

Road to Perdition


Based on Max Allan Collins' graphic novel, Road to Perdition paved the way for the likes of Watchmen, Red and V for Vendetta. But not before treating us to some darkly atmospheric Tommy gun fire.

Dark City


Who says sci-fi can't be noir? Co-written by David S "Dark Knight" Goyer, the conurbation of the title is a sunless Gotham run by telekinetic beings who seek human souls.

Angel Heart


Robert De Niro forgot to clip his nails before shooting Alan Parker's satanic detective thriller, but it didn't stop him or Mickey Rourke giving sweat-inducing performances in this twisted tale.



Neo noir goes back to the classroom in Brick – stoners and loners are entwined in the plot of a Californian high school murder story.


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