10 best Android apps of all time

Android Market is thriving, offering Android users a wealth of apps that the iPhone crowd would be proud of. Here is our pick of the best Android ap

Android Market is thriving, offering Android users a wealth of apps that the iPhone crowd would be proud of. Here is our pick of the best Android apps so far...

Winds of Steel €2.99

Take to the virtual skies for aerial duels, bombing runs and strafings in this WWII flight sim. The graphics are glorious and the motion control is superbly responsive. Might get some funny looks while you're tilting your phone this way and that in a train-journey dogfight, but who cares? Chocks away, Bonko!

Retro Camera free

More than a smidge like Hipstamatic for the iPhone, Retro Camera is nevertheless a very slick camera app in its own right. The Leica-like interface is swish and seeing your shots hanging by clothes pegs on a virtual drying line is enough to get film freaks all misty-eyed behind their rose-tinted glasses.

RoadSync $9.95

Android's built-in Exchange email client is okay, but RoadSync offers a much nicer environment from which to check your push email and calendar. Alternatively, try Touchdown, although it costs twice as much.

Hungry Shark £2.49

Imagine the Sega Mega Drive's Ecco the Dolphin, only Ecco is now a Great White and instead of playfully pinging his sonar and doing cartwheels, he needs to chow down on any living thing to avoid starving to death. Any game where a shark gobbles up a bikini-clad swimmer and proclaims that she "tastes like chicken" is fine by us.

London Journey £1.49

Using data from TFL, London Journey helps you plan your way around the UK's capital with a minimum of fuss.

Abduction! World Attack £1.35

How often do you hear the words "simple" and "addictive" mentioned together? The combo works yet again with Abduction!, where you bounce a cow up platforms until you reach a UFO waiting to abduct you – presumably because advanced alien civilisations have tastier grass.

Air Control £1.35

Android's take on the iPhone's ubiquitous Flight Control, this is a multi-tasking challenge for budding air-traffic controllers. Direct planes and helicopters into land without carnage – harder than it sounds.

FourSquare free

It hasn't quite been the social revolution many people predicted, but FourSquare is nevertheless an ingenious idea and relies on its mobile app. Using location services, FourSquare allows you to "check in" at anywhere you go – and if you're at somewhere more often than anyone else, you become the FourSquare mayor of that place. Ideally, you'll check in at a restaurant so often that they'll offer you a discount...

Fishin' 2 Go $2.25

Pick a quiet spot, select your tackle and bait, then cast... Ooh, and bloody hell, a fish already! What happened to the hours of sitting having a rest? The waters in Fishin' 2 Go may be a bit more lively than real life, but it makes for a fun experience as you try out different locations and kit in a bid to hook the big one.

Google Maps Navigation free

Satnav, free, on your phone. If you've got Android 1.6 or above, you'll have wonderful turn-by-turn voice directions to go along with your Google Maps app. Genius.


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