10 annoying things about Draw Something

It’s the app of the moment – and we’re utterly addicted – but that doesn’t mean Draw Something’s got nothing to improve

Sketch guessing app Draw Something is the must-have app du jour, and we’ve been scribbling away keenly with like-minded art and anagram types, fiendishly trying to decipher their penstrokes. We even made it our app of the week. Fun as it is, the uber-addictive app isn’t perfect. These are the 10 flies we’ve found in Draw Something’s inkpot…

Draw Something – choice of words

We know OMGPOP – Draw Something’s developer – is probably as surprised by the app’s success as anyone, but it needs a new pool of words as a critical update. There doesn’t seem to have been much thought about the choice of words – or their respective difficulty ratings. We’ll often take an easy three-coiner over an abstract easy option and baffling middle. That shouldn’t be right. We’d also lose the Americanisms (stroller, airplane, trashcan, strawman) in favour of globally recognised terms.

Draw Something – proper nouns

Lose the names, brands and places. Lilwayne (shouldn’t even be one word), KFC (why?) and Scooby (eh?) perplex us and lend bias to specific knowledge over sketching prowess and anagramatical puzzle solving skill. Countries are easy enough to win points off, but drawing maps is no fun at all. In fact, strip these out now and OMGPOP could have a set of spin-offs on its hands – Draw Someone, Draw Somewhere and the like.

Draw Something – limited vocabulary

You don’t need to play Draw Something long before you start seeing the same old words coming up. We don’t know the size of the app’s dictionary, but surely it wouldn’t be hard to up the wordage a bit and keep things interesting.

Draw Something – people who write words

It’s not OMGPOP’s fault that some people think it’s okay to write out the object word in a drawing game. It is annoying, though, and there’s no way to make them stop. Ideally, we’d like to see a reporting system where you could rate other players based on their ability and game etiquette.

People who can’t draw (and people who can)

We’re no Picassos, but it goes without saying that if you cannot draw you probably shouldn’t be playing a drawing game. The other end of the spectrum is people who draw too well, spending ages on technical shading, rather than sketches that lead the other player to an answer. Both categories are further hampered by the acquisition of totally unnecessary extra colour palettes.

It’s difficult to leave a game in Draw Something

You join a new game and instantly find out that your opposite number is an idiot who writes words. You want to leave and ditch the player immediately. But no – you must either guess or pass your opponent’s word, then submit your own drawing for a game you have no intention of continuing. How do you draw frustration?

Draw Something battery drain

Perhaps the best quality of Draw Something is the ability to dip in throughout the day, casually taking your turn(s) and leaving a scrawl for your opponent to pick up in his or her lunch break. Trouble is, by lunchtime you can expect your phone’s battery to be clinging on for dear life. Find a charger or it’s game over for you.

Poor design

We’ve seen worse, but the best time to make improvements is when you’re winning. Draw Something could do with a few tweaks in the design department, notably making it easier to find out how to delete and nudge other players, and to stop the drawing canvas disappearing into letter rack. How hard can it be?

The drawsome results screen

Congratulations! You’ve correctly guessed the word. The letter rack has pinged green in confirmation. The last thing you need now is to be taken to a new screen with an increasingly ineffective pun (“Drawsome!”) and an overlong animation telling you that you’ve won – or passed. In fact, the only benefit of this tedious and time-consuming game stage is to tell you how many coins you’ve earned. There must be a slicker way of doing that.

Draw Something's crossed wires

It’s obviously not part of the design, but we’ve had an instance of the wrong drawing going to the wrong person while running several games at once. A drawing of a factory, sent to a colleague in the same room, was lost and replaced with half a sketch of an x-ray that had been sent, in its entirety, to a different opponent the previous day. That shouldn’t happen. We dread to think what might happen if Draw Something misdirects our personal information.

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