007 Legends preview

We practiced our one-liners, donned a classy tux and stepped into the Ian Fleming's world in 007 Legends. Here's a quick rundown of our first impressions

007 Legends – overview

We took a trip down to the BAFTA Members' club this week to wrap our joystick-weathered hands around the latest Bond game – 007 Legends – which aims to celebrate 50 years of Bond ahead of Daniel Craig's appearance in Skyfall next week.

007 Legends – plot

007 Legends sees you slip into Daniel Craig's well-fitted tux as he has flashbacks through five generations of Bond. The five chosen storylines are Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day, Licence to Kill and Goldfinger, with the Skyfall mission destined to be released after the film hits the silver screen.

That's a generous selection for Bond fans to tuck into, if they can get over the fact that they'll be playing as Daniel Craig in missions that should see the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan making an appearance instead.

007 Legends – combat and weapons

Published by Activision, it's no surprise to see that a lot of 007 Legends feels very Call of Duty-esque, which may disappoint fans who aren't used to seeing Bond raid buildings with SWAT-like levels of unsubtle trigger spraying.

Bond's more traditional stealth style is still catered for however, with the option to take down enemies silenty. Cameras which can set off alarms and unleash a torrent of baddies on you in seconds are another game mechanic which can be dealt with by a well-placed bullet or two.

You can't move bodies out of sight however which can get a little frustrating, especially as the alarm is raised when a guard spots one. An odd feature to be absent, given the emphasis on stealth.

There are enough guns shotguns and pistols to get the job done and they can be improved by earning points to purchase weapon add-ons, which include silencers, laser scopes, grenade attachments and larger magazines. MI6 upgrade boxes are littered throughout maps, allowing you to select attachments and upgrade any guns you've picked up along the way.

Hand to hand combat however is a little disappointing in 007 Legends. We have no problem with the standard melee attack, but when it comes down to one-on-one boss fights you're met with a rather dull and uninspiring quicktime event in which you're instructed to hit the right button at the right time to take out your opponent.

007 Legends – gadgets

Bond wouldn't be Bond without his gadgets, and 007 Legends has a fair few to satisfy your inner geek. Your trusty Omega watch with a built-in laser and radar is present and accounted for, as is a spy pen which can shoot three types of projectile to knock out, stun or distract your enemies.

It's the Sony Xperia T that really comes into its own however, letting you take photos, scan for clues like finger prints and hack anything from computer terminals to restricted items. Fingers crossed for these features in the next Android update...

007 Legends – multiplayer

GoldenEye's four-way splitscreen offline multiplayer mode returns once again, letting you relive the cries of anguish and triumph as you pit yourself against your friends in virtual arenas of death. There are also up to 12 people per match online with plenty of gadgets, weapon upgrades and game modes to keep you coming back for more.

007 Legends - first impressions

After spending a good few hours playing through the first few missions of 007 Legends, we couldn't help but feeling a little confused by the plot. Daniel Craig in Goldfiner? It just doesn't make sense, and the skipping in and out of each film/mission doesn't feel that fluid or well explained.

The basic storylines are there, however, and iconic moments from each film, along with decent voice acting, attention to detail and a solid multiplayer experience will mean that 007 Legends will be more than enough to satisfy the ravenous hunger of Bond geeks until Skyfall is released.

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