Faced with stiff competition from mobile sat-nav apps, hardware equivalents are having to up their game. Take the Navigon 70 Premium for example: it's squeezed European maps, motion sensor technology, voice control, Bluetooth connection and 3D landscapes into a very slim case. The chrome details, lacquered plastic body and widescreen display will lend any dashboard a touch of class.

Easy to handle

But sleek design won’t get you to that party in deepest, darkest suburbia. For that you’ll want quick, clear menus and slick maps. Handily, the 70 Premium ticks this box too. A press of the power button brings you straight to four options. You have the choice of entering a new destination, selecting one you’ve previously entered or a pre-set home address. Usefully, before you begin navigation, the device lets you know the closest car parks to your destination, if necessary.

On the road

Out on the road, the Navigon performs just as well. Proximity sensors allow you to control to switch to a zoomed-out view or check POI menus simply by moving your hand towards the device. Similarly effective is the voice command function. Asking the unit for a telephone number or local restaurant provokes a short pause but gives results.

Voice instructions and clear directions make understanding the route a breezee. The only thing that really annoyed us was the on-screen Option button, which is too small score a direct hit from your stabbing finger every time. That’s a small grievance though, and if you’ve a budget of under £200, this unit has to be considered.

Stuff says... 

Navigon 70 Premium review

Not only does this sat-nav work well, it looks fantastic and won’t break the bank, either