It might be a little late to the party, but the Mi is Myryad’s answer to Arcam’s massively successful Solo. That means it’s an all-in-one music system with CD, DAB/FM tuner and amplifier. Just plug in some speakers and off you go.

One of Myryad’s greatest achievements with the Mi is that gorgeous display. It has a massive 3.5in, 320x240 colour screen, and it’s a joy to read, thanks to its very clear, well-laid-out controls and user interface.

iPod friendly

Like the Solo, the Mi will connect to an iPod via an umbilical (or a standard Apple Universal Dock), and let the user control Apple’s portable range via its handset. The connection lead is included as standard.

Alternatively, you can connect via Bluetooth using the optional Myryad BluePlay module and an A2DP-enabled phone. You can’t do this and use an iPod at the same time, though.

Touch isn’t sensitive

The Mi’s front-panel buttons are touch-sensitive and, while clearly laid out, don’t offer much feedback – so using them can be a bit hit and miss, especially if you have big sausage fingers.

Given Myryad’s heritage, it would have been a real surprise if the Mi disappointed sonically. It doesn’t.

In fact, it sets incredibly high standards for this type of system. Sound quality is impressive regardless of source, though (as usual) radio needs a strong signal for good results.

That said, it’s still CD that produces the best sound. The Mi offers surprisingly dynamic and entertaining sounds – provided you use decent speakers. We got good results from Monitor Audio’s Bronze BR2s (£230), all the way up to a pair of £2000 Monopulse 42As.

Impressive sound quality

The Myryad takes everything in its stride and sounds very much in command. Detail levels are high, but it’s the Mi’s ability to track rhythms and produce a bold yet cohesive sound that really impresses.

If you go down the hi-fi separates route you’ll get a better sound and improved refinement at high-frequencies, sure – but that’s missing the point. Integrated systems are all about trying to get a decent sound from a convenient package. Myryad has gone further than most on the sonic part of the equation.

Arcam’s Solo has dominated this arena for a few years now. In the Mi, though, it now has a serious rival.


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Myryad Mi review

Myryad has a winner. The Mi is packed with useful features and sounds great, too