Spend your salary on the top 5 gadgets and games of this month

Be prudent though and not splurge every single cent on these must-have tech toys

We're sorry that you've stumbled upon this. Because you're going to wish you hadn't found out and be tempted to buy the top five gadgets for this month.

Our monthly tech round-up, together with Channelnews Asia's weekly TechKnow segment, means we've sussed out the very best of this month's hot stuff to buy.

Call it impecable timing, when we have this done right after you've received your monthly salary. Because we understand that feeling, the desire to splurge on a new tech toy. From TVs that will blow your mind away, to games that lets you blow your enemies away, we have everything sorted out to satisfy your inner geek.

Samsung KS7000 SUHD TV

Samsung’s latest SUHD TV has two great thigns going for it - its Quantam Dot display that expands the colour range and high dynamic range support. In short, you get to see colours you never thought existed on this 4K TV. Not to mention, the HDR support means you get to watch movies with better contrast, especially when the dark and bright colours are distinctly different.

Also, the remote control is smart enough to control almost every device connected to the TV. The boundless design is so seamless, you won’t even realise you’re looking at a TV. It's as though you're looking at a canvas that’s integrated to your wall or your TV console.

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Sony Xperia X

Sony’s flagship Android smartphone marries the best of its Xperia Z predecessors with the compact and easy use of its smaller range.

Traditionally, Sony has been quite spot-on with the design, adopting a clean, sleek look for its Android smartphones. Also, Sony claims its Xperia X’s 23MP camera has the fastest autofocus. Plus, with a 13MP front camera for selfies, you can't go wrong when you take photos with this Sony smartphone.

If you have a PlayStation 4, you can even remotely play your PS4 games on the Sony Xperia X. Or for that matter, any Sony Xperia smartphones. Imagine playing Uncharted 4 on your Android smartphone during lunch.

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LG 360 Cam

If you've been wondering what good a camera that records your images and videos in 360 degrees is for, then here's a story.

Imagine you're on top of Mount Fuji during your holiday. You want to record the breathtaking view in a panoramic shot. It's great if it's just you and Fuji-san. Alas, the horde of tourists will mess with your shot, often showing images of disjointed people as they move in your panorama shot.

With the LG 360 Cam, it's just one click and it'll capture the whole view in 360 degrees. Instantly, you get a full shot, which you can also upload to Facebook and view in 360 degrees.

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The first Mirror's Edge was already a game ahead of its time. The reboot of EA's action-adventure game is no less.

Ever wanted to do all the cool parkour things you see kids doing? With Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, you’re doing all that. From a first-person perspective. So you actually feel like you’re doing it.

Those who played the original game will love the updated graphics and gameplay mechanics. Also, you get to jump, kick and punch your way through the beautiful city Glass.

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The makers of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo can do no wrong. At least, not in the eyes of gamers.

Its new first-person game is a fresh title, one that's not associated with any of its earlier franchises. The player-versus-player game comes with a lot of characters to master. The endless possibilities of each character and mastering them to defeat your opponents in one-on-one combat is enough to keep gamers going for months.

Who knows, it might become the next big game in an e-sports competition just like Starcraft.

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