21 awesome PS4 tips, tricks and hidden features

17) Hook up your headphones

One of our favourite PlayStation 4 features is the ability to plug your headphones directly into the controller, letting you game in silence without worrying about sitting close to the TV or console itself.

If your headphone has a mic too, then you can, you know, use it to talk and stuff.

18) Use your voice

Voice commands - a forgettable but sometimes useful feature that you might as well try out because, hey, why not?

As long as you’re set with some form of mic, you’re good to go. Just say “PlayStation”, and “All Commands” and you’ll be presented with a list of all the voice commands at your disposal. Buttons are for losers.

19) Download the PlayStation app

Downloading the PlayStation app on your Android or iPhone lets you see who’s online, as well as handily letting you buy games while you’re out and about, allowing them to download automatically, ready for you when you get back home.

20) Message like a pro

The PlayStation Messages app is another handy tool you should definitely install on your phone if you’re forever nattering away to your mates.

It’s essentially like WhatsApp for your PS4, letting you send messages to people using your phone’s on-screen keyboard, which is a much more pleasant typing experience than using the controller to peck at letters on your telly.

21) Use Spotify

Still got your phonon your hand? Good. If you’re a Spotify user then you can quickly and easily pump your tunes to your PS4 while playing games - a great way to reduce your frustrations or motivate you in times of need.

Once your phone is connected to the same network as the PS4, simply open up the Spotify app, play a song, and tap the Connected Devices button at the bottom. Select the PS4 and enjoy.