Besides smartphones, Samsung is well known for their display technologies especially monitors. This is attributed to positive points such as good picture quality and long-lasting lifespan, which many users can vouch for. But for the longest time, monitors have remained somewhat static in terms of their design, built and structure - a piece of screen with a stand. Veering away from the traditional and standard “template” of monitor designs, Samsung has come up with the aptly named Space Monitor, which can truly free up the space of any workstation by eliminating the surface area that traditional monitors would take up.

Easy set up

Right from the box, setting up the Space Monitor is a no-brainer. I must say that it can even be more simple compared to other traditional 32-inch monitors. This is mainly because all compartments provided are exceptionally easy to install and all you need is a screwdriver to secure the screen panel to the stand. The stand has a really strong integrated clamp, which is also adjustable up to 90mm. This means that it can practically be installed on any desk or table with a wide range of thickness. In fact, I did all of the installation single handedly as the setup process was probably very well-thought of by Samsung. So you need not worry about it being complicated in any way.

By default, the Space Monitor’s position is flat against the wall or perpendicular to the edge of your table or desk. The stand also has two hinges that allows for position adjustment, that is, you can pull it closer to you if you would like. The hinges are indeed quite robust and can suspend the screen on any position of choice. For that reason, I find the Space Monitor’s design not only incredibly smart but has mechanisms that function very well to serve its main purpose of freeing up and maximising desk space. At the rear of the stand is a streamlined groove, which lets you conceal the cables behind the monitor and although I didn’t hide the cables while reviewing, it is still a clever feature to have.

Great resolution

The Space Monitor does have a good bezel to screen ratio, save for the bottom segment. I must say that it would still be a stylish complement to any modern minimalist interiors. In terms of picture and video viewing quality, the Space Monitor features 144Hz refresh rate, WQHD resolution at 2560 X 1440px and a 16:9 ratio. We tested with a few high resolution videos and they turn out quite decently. We didn’t test with any video games but the 144Hz refresh rate would be more than enough enough for casual to mid-level gamers.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Samsung Space Monitor is truly about its space-saving design. The stand, with its integrated clamp and strong hinges made all the difference. On top of that, the image quality is really good too as we do not have any complaints in that regard. Finally, for anyone looking for a monitor that’s a tad radical and yet minimalist, the Space Monitor is definitely the right type for its price.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Space Monitor review

For those who have workstations against a wall and scratching their heads on space allowance, the Samsung Space Monitor is definitely worth considering.
Good Stuff 
Easy to setup on any table single-handedly
Adjustable at any desired angle
Hinge is very robust
Can hide cables very well
Good picture quality
Bad Stuff 
Can’t swivel left or righ