It was just last year that we were introduced to Samsung’s crazy-powerful NX1 professional grade camera with everything in it except the kitchen sink. At Samsung Forum 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, they’ve announced the NX1’s equally overachieving sibling, the NX500.

Hey good looking

Looking snazzy with today’s ubiquitous retro-inspired looks, the NX500 is undoubtedly premium with its metal and leather design. It feels solid in the hand without coming across as heavy too. The pronounced grip makes for easy shooting, with easily-accessible jog dials on the top and back of the camera allowing for on-the-fly adjustments. Shooting modes are pretty standard and readily selectable from the main control dial, as are the controls on the back panel. Of course, the NX500 also comes with a multi-angle display that tilts all the way to 180 degrees – cleverly pushing the screen upwards as it does – for those all-important selfies.

Insane in the brain

What sets the NX500 apart from other Compact System Cameras are the very impressive numbers behind it. It’s got a 28MP back side illumination APS-C sensor – the largest BSI sensor in the market – for outstanding image quality, even in low light.

It can record both 4K and UHD video, thanks to said sensor. It creates UHD time-lapse videos on the camera itself. It can shoot at 9fps for action shots. It’s got hybrid AF to zero in on subjects almost instantly, even between shots. It’s got motion detection that predicts when the best time to take your shot is.

Heck, it’s even got full connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. Quite frankly, it’s more powerful than some DSLRs, and it does this being smaller than some other CSCs while it’s at it.

Shut up and take my money

Hold on, you couldn’t get it now even you were willing to pay top dollar for it (which it probably will have to when it comes out anyway). It’ll only be available in March 2015, and comes in black, white, and brown. Look out for a full review in the future.