OLED TVs might be the hot new thing in tellyland, but Samsung is betting big on its decision to stick with its tried-and-tested LCD technology, cunningly rebranded as the distinctly OLED-sounding 'QLED'.

We’ve only tested one QLED set so far, the QE49Q7F, but that impressed us so much that we gave it our full five-star approval. That said, we weren't really able to compare it to the best OLEDs, because OLED screens are all at least 55 inches and that was only 49 inches.

Enter the 55in version of that flagship QLED, ready to take on the big guns. Its main rivals? The LG OLED55B7 and the Sony KD-55A1, which both show off the very best of what OLED can do right now. But LCD has its strengths too, and a cheaper price to boot. You can be sure that QLED is ready to shout about that. 

Design: slim and smart

There’s no doubt that OLED has the upper hand in the design stakes over LCD, but Samsung has managed to dress up the Q7F very nicely indeed, with super-slim bezels and a pretty skinny profile, too.

It’s not going to challenge the waif-like dimensions of the LG B7, but it’s not bad for a backlit TV with its bulkier tech.

Samsung’s One Connect box helps to make this possible, by storing all of its connections separately to the TV. That’s handy from a design perspective, but the fact it needs its own power supply this year is a bit annoying if you're short on sockets.

As usual, the Q7F ships with two remotes – the bog-standard plastic one, and a more stylish silver option. The latter is less cluttered, with controls for only the things you’ll need most, plus there’s voice control. It’s not as accomplished as Alexa but works well for simple commands, like activating Game mode.

Samsung continues to lead the way when it comes to smart TV, offering a bright and easy-to-use interface alongside one of the most complete on-demand line ups available.

Alongside the usual roll call of Netflix, Amazon and all the UK catch-up services, Samsung has also included Now TV for Sky content without a full contract.

Stuff says... 

Samsung QE55Q7F review

A bright, detailed picture that's easier on the pocket than OLED
Good Stuff 
Bright, vibrant picture
Crisp and detailed
Great, easy-to-use smart TV interface
Attractive design
Bad Stuff 
Forgoes black levels for brightness
Motion is hard to get right
Narrow viewing angle for best picture