As we've already covered the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with S Pen, it may seem a little odd to know that there's another Galaxy Tab A 8.0 without the S Pen in sight, as well as it supposingly being an upgrade from the 2015 version. This version of the Galaxy Tab was also launched later than the version with the S Pen but all within the same year, so it can't be helped that throughout this review we will be comparing quite a bit with that version.

But regardless of the comparison, the main question must and shall remain answered; is this a worthy tablet to consider? Let's find out.

Comparing the S Pen version

The A8.0 with S Pen was launched back in March 2019, while this Galaxy tab A8.0 was launched in July 2019. While the S Pen was likely launched for those who would like to do be a bit more productive, or even just keep the kids creative, the Galaxy Tab A8.0 was obviously designed mainly for simple tasks such as watching videos, reading news or playing simple games.

Surprisingly, just because it was launched a little later it doesn't meant that the specs are a lot better than the version with the S Pen. Just the USB port alone can be quite telling. While the S Pen version uses USB-C, this version uses Micro-USB; which can be seen as a downgrade to some. It even has a slightly downgraded RAM, from 3 GB to 2 GB. 

That doesn't mean it's a complete downgrade though. The A8.0 tablet does comes with a much more powerful battery of 5100 mAh compared to the 4200 mAh battery of the S Pen version. It's also a lot lighter, making it ideal if you want something a lot easier to carry around. It also comes with a double speaker, which made watching videos a lot more immersive,

Overall, other than some laggy issues (which is likely due to the version that I had), it worked pretty well for me to do basic things like watching videos and reading updates. Anymore than that, there's definitely an uncomfortable lag to deal with that I wouldn't recommend it for those who would like to use it for work.

Do it for the kids... or the elderly

As mentioned earlier, this version of the Samsung Tab was desgined more for basic use; videos, games, reading news. So much so in fact that the Samsung tab was mainly designed for kids. This can be seen with the fact that they have a feature called the Samsung Kids Home that enables you to control how long your kid uses the tablet, as well as instantly access apps that you set aside mainly for your children.

It definitely has the right size and battery power to keep children entertained so if you're a parent, this is definitely a great tablet to consider. It's also about the right size for the elderly to read their news on; something my own parents appreciated as well.

Final verdict

If you're a parent or want to get a gift for your elderly parents, or even if you just want a tablet to watch your favourite shows on the go, then this tablet is definitely for you. At MYR 599 and for what it features, it's pretty decent and does what needs to be done. As long as you keep things simple.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) review

It's a decent tablet if all you want from a tablet is to do simple tasks like watching videos or keeping the kids entertained. If that's all you need, then this is a good tablet to consider.
Good Stuff 
Longer battery life
Bad Stuff 
Very little upgrades compared to the S Pen version
Can be laggy in some areas