If you’re looking for a more affordable Samsung smartwatch, especially if the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is out of your budget, then your options falls down to the Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e. While the Galaxy Fit e is the more affordable option, being priced at MYR139, you may want something with a splash of colour on it and that's where the Samsung Galaxy Fit fits right in.


It's definitely not trying to compete with other high-end fitness trackers by sticking to the basics, but is that a good thing? Especially with that price tag? We find out.

Simple and straightforward

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Fit sticks to the basics, even right down to its design. Small and straightforward, you can tell that the Galaxy Fit is all about simplicity and if you're a user who wants just that from their smartwatch, then this is it. The screen is also easily manageable, with a UI that ensures you have it set up to what you want easily. I will say that I like the overall look of the Samsung Galaxy Fit; it's simple looks also makes it nice to wear, especially if you want to keep your love for tech on the down low.


Despite the really great display, I do have mixed feelings about the straps. The given strap isn't exactly comfortable, as you need it pretty tight on to get good heart rate readings and as such, the straps will leave imprints on your skin after a workout. As it's made out of silicone, it uses a standard watch-style fastener that can be a hit or miss. On the plus side, it is possible to change straps and it's possible that third parties would create better or more comfortable straps.


But overall, the Galaxy Fit is still comfortable enough that you won't even notice its presence... as long as you keep the straps somewhat loose. When done so, you would barely notice the watch, even while you're asleep. Despite it being made of glass, the screen doesn't scratch easily either so overall, it’s a great smartwatch in terms of design if you can forgive its unimpressive straps.

Basic features, basic needs

With it being a basic smartwatch, its features can also be considered basic at best, which is actually a plus point if that’s what you want. Setting up the smartwatch for workouts was easy and with a long press of the button you can activate your preferred workout easily. You can also use the smartwatch for swimming, as it handles 5ATM water resistance, which means it can withstand being submerged under 165 feet of water and is safe for swimming and showering.


The biggest drawback though is that it is not GPS enabled, nor can it connect to a GPS. Maybe if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy being tracked, this could be a great appeal. But a lot of people who get smartwatches also want to keep track of how far they run or the distance they covered. So if there’s one reason to be hesitant with the Samsung Galaxy Fit, it’s mainly this.


While it does automatically take note of your exercises, it would still be best to set it up first as it will only track your heart rate if you do so. So be sure to look into that if tracking your heart rate is important to you. While it does monitor your stress level, it does not offer breathing exercises in comparison to other smartwatches which is another issue, though small in comparison to others.


As for other smartwatch features; you can read messages, keep track of the weather and your calendar, and use it as a stopwatch and alarm. It’s as basic as it can get, as it doesn’t offer Samsung Pay or even the option to control your music.

That’s too many apps, man

If you’re already using a Samsung smartphone, you won’t face any issues with this one. But if you’re using other Android smartphones, then this smartwatch will be a pain. You need to download four, yes four, apps: Galaxy Wearable (to pair and customise the device), Galaxy Fit Plugin (to enable data transfer), Samsung Accessory Service (similar to the Galaxy Fit Plugin) and Samsung Health (health and fitness tracking). As someone who used a Samsung smartphone to review the smartwatch, I didn't have to go through this but I can see that this is not something any other user would want to go through.


Samsung will have to look into creating a better app experience, but until then, unless you’re a Samsung user already, it’s hard to recommend this smartwatch to anyone else.

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Fit is one of the best smartwatches to consider if you’re looking for a basic smartwatch that looks and feels simple enough. But with that price tag, you can actually find better smartwatches with more features than what this one can offer. Unless you’re a Samsung fan, this is a hard smartwatch to recommend.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy Fit review

The Galaxy Fit has a nice look and feel, due to its simple and basic design. But it’s hard to justify the lack of important features such as GPS, music controls and more when there are those who can offer it for the same price or less.
Good Stuff 
Great for swimming
Colourful and sharp AMOLED screen
Set up exercises easily
Bad Stuff 
Needs four apps to function if you’re not a Samsung user
No onboard GPS
Can't control any music