If you’ve been disappointed by every so-called cameraphone lens you’ve ever seen, this is the Frankengadget for you.

It combines the camera tech of a 1/2.3in CMOS sensor and 21x zoom lens with the phone-style additions of a gorgeous 4.8in, 720p display and apps, games and music via Android 4.1. You can even slot in a microSIM for 3G. It lives! It lives!

Android apps

The chunky Galaxy Camera does pretty much everything your phone does except make calls. Dropbox integration gives you auto uploads of full-res images, filter apps such as Instagram work with the shutter button, and it’s got enough power to run proper games.

21x zoom

The Galaxy Camera fares better in macro mode than it does at full 21x zoom and the lens itself is worryingly wobbly. Sadly, its 16.3MP images aren’t the sharpest, and that is, after all, what you bought it for.

Still, 1080p video is smooth and the pop-up flash more forgiving than your phone’s LED. And it's a sexy slice of the future: updates have already brought new scenes modes including 'food'. Close, but not quite.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy Camera review

Great screen, tons of apps and glitch-free sharing, but images aren’t great