With so many smartphones out there, you can pretty much find one that can easily match your budget with features limited to what you can afford. There are cases of smartphones offering more features for what you'd expect for the budget you'd set, which makes it an obvious choice, right? 

This is the challenge smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A30 has to face. It's a decent smartphone no doubt. But does that make it an obvious choice when compared to others? Based on what I've reviewed, it definitely looks like a not-easy win.

Gorgeous looks

Probably the biggest attraction for the Galaxy A30 is its design. With a similar design as to the A50, it has the sleek curves that the Samsung brand is well known for. It has three colours but it's definitely not generic with gorgeous gradient that makes it stand out without a cover. This is one smartphone you'll be fine with having a clear cover. 

Although compared to the A50, the A30 is a lot bigger, with a wide AMOLED screen that looks amazing. It's also light and thin, which makes it comfortable to hold though with it being wider, reaching for the fingerprint sensor also becomes a challenge for those with small hands. So if you're looking into this smartphone, be sure to get a hands-on test first. 

It does have a teardrop notch which some may find a nuisance to such a beautiful widescreen, but it shouldn’t distract you too much. The A30's powerful AMOLED screen still shines through strong, making it an ideal smartphone for viewing videos for sure.

Lacking in features

In terms of features, the Galaxy A30 offers the basics, with nothing impressive. Even with that said, it does simple tasks such as checking emails, using social media and watching videos well enough. 

The battery is undoubtedly impressive with a capacity of 4000mAh, which means it can easily last you a day. And if you think about it, with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus having a 4100mAh, it shows that the A30 didn't skimp out in battery either. It's just too bad that it doesn't pack as much power as the S10 Plus, as game performance is mediocre at best. 

Likely the most disappointing feature of the Galaxy A30 overall is in its camera. With a 16MP + 5MP rear camera, the photos produced were nothing fantastic. It has this low contrast, washed out look compared to other phone cameras. This makes it ideal for those who want a camera that's just for social media or messaging, but if you’re aiming for impressive photography for instagram, definitely look elsewhere.

Only for Samsung fans

Overall the A30 is a decent smartphone at best, likely aimed for those who are loyal Samsung fans who would like a smartphone within their budget. But as it doesn’t have a lot of powerful features, it’s likely to lose out easily to other entry level smartphone. Maybe even to the Samsung Galaxy A50, which we will be reviewing soon enough. Until then, all I can say about the A30 is it’s decent. Just decent.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy A30 review

While the A30 is a great smartphone for casual users, there are better smartphones out there with better features for the same price so it has some stiff competition.
Good Stuff 
Great super AMOLED screen
Beautiful design and look
4000mAh battery means it lasts long
Bad Stuff 
Unimpressive camera
Gaming performance is lackluster
Unimpressive audio