Samsung 900X4C review – design and build 

The 14.9mm Series 9 laptop beats its rivals – like the Apple MacBook Air and Acer Aspire S5 – and it's almost as light as they are too – impressive given its larger 15in screen. It's a more conservative design than those of previous Samsung Ultrabooks, but's certainly no worse off for it. 

Samsung 900X4C review – screen 

A 15in screen is useful but the Samsung's 1600x900 res is the bare minimum you can get away with on it. A little more contrast wouldn't have gone amiss either. 

Samsung 900X4C review – in use 

Battery lasts for seven hours easily, while a special 'silent' mode locks the CPU to 522MHz to minimise fan use. Even with this mode off, the Samsung never made a peep. 

Samsung 900X4C review – verdict 

For the cash, we'd rather have a MacBook Air, as its finish and compact size make it more companionable. Then again, if you find 13in screens eye-straining, the Samsung 900X4C is a viable option. 

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Samsung 900X4C review

Too expensive – but with a better screen it'd be a MacBook killer 

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