When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Samsung is the last brand that would come to your mind. So imagine my surprise when I got the chance to review the Samsung POWERstick Jet, a wireless vacuum cleaner that looks (dare I say it) somewhat similar to the well known Dyson range.

That said, the POWERstick Jet isn’t one to dismiss just because Samsung isn’t well known for vacuum cleaners. They actually have quite a range, including robot vacuum cleaners that are definitely worth looking into.

This review will cover the high-end range of the POWERstick Jet; POWERstick Jet™ with Jet Cyclone extreme suction, up to 200W.

Ready, set, go

Setting up is relatively easy, so long as you use the provided guide to set it up. This isn’t the kind of device which you can instinctively figure out which goes where that’s for sure, but the guide definitely makes setting up easy.

Together with the charging stand, you will get quite a bit of items including; a motorised floor head, a soft action brush, a small motorised brush, a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, an angle tool, and the mop.

There will also be an extra battery, on top of the battery that already comes with the main device, which you can place on the charging stand. This is great as a backup, just in case you’re doing heavy cleaning beyond one hour of use. I’ll get on to that aspect a little more later on.

Overall, the vacuum doesn’t take as much space as you would think, considering the many attachments it has. It fit quite well in one small corner in my house and didn’t get in the way at all. I did find trouble putting back the small attachments in the allocated spaces, and with so many attachments not all could fit on the stand. So I suggest putting your most used attachments on the stand, while storing the other attachments elsewhere.

A cleaning powerhouse

In terms of use, the vacuum has three modes that you can use - Min, Mid and High - which is the level of power you want to use while vacuuming. There’s also a fourth option - Wet - which only can be used with the mop attachment so no worries of accidentally setting it to Wet mode.

My house has two cats - which means we deal with more fur in the house than we can handle. Testing out the Samsung POWERstick Jet turned out to be a blessing because it successfully sucked up a lot of the fur, even on the carpets. And because it’s handy and easy to use, we can vacuum the halls easily with no strain whatsoever nor does it push back hot air in your general direction.

The main vacuum attachment, the motorised floor head, is capable of reaching every corner on the floor. Normally even if vacuums do hit those corners, they don’t vacuum it fully, but the POWERstick Jet does a great job of vacuuming every little area it reaches.

The other attachments do exactly as promised, aiming to help you reach every corner that you want. Attachments like the small motorised brush is especially great for tabletops and beds, though remember to clean said brushes when you’re done as they do keep some level of dirt and dust on them.

A fully charged vacuum will give you close to an hour of cleaning on Mid, and about half an hour if on High. This might seem like a short time if you have a large house, but this is where the replacement battery comes in - giving you more cleaning time to keep your house spotless. You can even charge the other battery as you clean up for continued use, though the charging time won’t give you a full charge.

Give it a wet clean

Cleaning the vacuum has been the easiest and best so far. You can wash EVERYTHING from the dust bin once you remove it from the vacuum. In fact, Samsung ensured that you can wash it so you can keep the vacuum clean and hygienic, making it easy to clean and safe to use.

The final mode to test was the mop and, admittedly, I wasn’t as impressed as others on it. It acts more like a buffer for the floor than it does actually clean, which is great though only for marble floors. After using it, you may still be tempted, as I was, to give it another usual mop to really even the cleanliness of the floor out. It’s also important to know that there is no suction ability in mop mode, so any dirt left on the floor will be thrown around a lot instead.

Final Verdict

Overall, I really like the Samsung POWERjet Stick and I think it has a great chance of being one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. The many attachments means it’s a cleaning powerhouse that can be adjusted to your liking. Though I’m not a big fan of the mopping, if you have a marble floor I would definitely recommend using it regardless.

With the many attachments and features it has, it also makes it worth its price. If you’re planning to get a new vacuum cleaner, don’t hesitate to check out what Samsung has to offer in that department as well.

Stuff says... 

Samsung POWERstick Jet review

With a variety of different attachments to clean up any dirt in any corner, even to the point of being able to mop, paired with powerful suction - this is definitely one of the best wireless vacuum cleaners to consider.
Good Stuff 
Powerful suction
Plenty of attachments to cater to different cleaning needs
Comes with a replacement battery that can also be charged together
Washable dust bin
Bad Stuff 
Can be hard to store the many attachments
The mop isn’t as impressive