The N650 soundbar by Samsung features an all-new Acoustic Beam technology that aims to bring an innovative panoramic sound experience, making you feel like you’re part of the action. Part of its features include a new game optimization mode that brings richer audio to all of your gaming and entertaining pleasures.


After the acquisition of Harman, we see several aspect changes of hardware and design reflected on Samsung products, with the N650 soundbar bringing the best of both brands with its sleek metal build, iconic silver finish, tactile navigation buttons and an overall look that would complete anyone’s home theatre setup. There’s a screen on the bottom right of the soundbar itself which displays the different inputs available and the current connection between the soundbar and other devices.


The Soundbar’s audio output is really clear with surprisingly decent amount of bass, and barely with any noticeable audio cracks at its highest volume. Inside the N650 itself, there are eight individual speakers of which delivers a five channel surround sound with high standard precision audio. It also has a dedicated center channel which keeps verbal dialogue crystal clear. The audio output will differ according to the selected mode, and notably, the soundbar shines the most during console gaming where a level of realism is delivered through its immersive experience.


The simplicity of installing and using the soundbar is remarkable. Just plug it into a power socket, connect the HDMI cable, turn on the power button, and you’re good to go. Samsung has added several connectivity inputs and outputs for maximum utilization such as a 3.5mm auxiliary port, bluetooth receiver, USB ports, optical digital audio input, and also the aforementioned HDMI input and output. Samsung also has an Audio Remote app that transforms your phone into a dedicated remote control to the soundbar, and there’s also a physical remote control unit that Samsung provides out of the box if you’re not keen on using your phone.


The N650 Soundbar comes together with its very own separate wireless subwoofer which provides additional bass to the overall experience. Like the soundbar, the subwoofer only needs to be plugged into a power socket and it will automatically sync to the soundbar immediately. You can practically place the subwoofer anywhere you’d like, such as beside the soundbar, behind your couch, or just about anywhere that gives you the best immersive setup.


The N650 soundbar has a retail price of RM2400, and is perfect for someone looking for an above average home audio setup which is simple yet very capable of handling  a wide range of audio modes from all sorts of devices. It is especially handy for those who transition between gaming, streaming, watching Netflix, or even just some casual music playback via several devices at the comfort of your living room.

Stuff says... 

Samsung N650 Soundbar review

A versatile soundbar that configures itself to fit your audio needs. 
Good Stuff 
Easy to use
Many audio inputs
Sleek design
Bad Stuff 
Slightly pricey