Samsung Malaysia Claims Stock Image Is A Misunderstanding

Samsung Malaysia has spoken up over the furor on their usage of a DSLR image to promote their Samsung Galaxy A8 Star camera capabilities.

By now news has spread over the discovery of Samsung Malaysia using a stock photo to promote the samsung Galaxy A8 Star camera capabilities. The original owner of the photo, Serbian blogger and photographer Dunja Djudjic, noticed someone had purchased a picture of her "goofing around" from Getty Images, and a reverse search revealed that it was used by Samsung Malaysia.

With the reveal that Samsung Malaysia had used a photo not taken by their own cameras, the company has a released a statement stating that the image was meant "for demonstration purposes only" and that it was just to showcase its product features. Which is possibly why the image used in the promotion was heavily photoshopped from the original to showcase said features.

It's not the first time

​This is not the first time for something like this to happen though. Huawei Mobile Egypt had also been caught using a DSLR camera to simulate the AI camera feature of its Nova 3 and Nova3i smartphones.

While it's fine to use licensed images to promote a product's features, there should have been a stronger disclaimer to not lead people into thinking the product was used. In that area, the Samsung spokesperson promises that "we will ensure our communication is clear moving forward".