The Galaxy Alpha line of Samsung smartphones are always a testing ground for new innovations for their flagships, being a mid range option to those who just can’t quite afford a Galaxy S smartphone just yet - lab rats to what’s coming in a future flagship phone. The new innovation to close out 2018 is the new Samsung A9 and it’s 4 rear view cameras.

The Whole A9 Yards

The previous Samsung A9 model, released back in 2016, didn’t feature as much compared to the new 2018 model. In fact, the new A9 doubles down on every aspect of the phone; going from Quad-Core processors to an Octa-Core, going from 3GB to 6GB - just to name a few upgrades.  The Octa-Core Snapdragon 660 are a great boon to the phone, making the performance smooth and responsive.


World’s First

Touted as the world’s first Quad Rear Camera Smartphone, this is the main draw of the Samsung Galaxy A9. The four cameras are the Ultra Wide Camera, the Telephoto Camera, a 24MP Wide Camera, and a Depth Camera. With these four, you can take any kind of pictures your heart desires. And that’s not to mention the 24 megapixel front camera, which means that not only can you take stunning photos of landscapes and scenery, but your selfies will look just as good too.

The Ultra Wide Camera covers 120 degrees of space, allowing you to capture a picture of a full landscape, without resorting to using the panorama function. The Telephoto is great for close-up shots, providing great detail without sacrificing pixel quality. The 24 MP front and rear camera does a good job as well, as you might expect from a camera of that quality. While the Depth Camera doesn’t have it’s own mode, it helps with providing the extra dimension in every picture. Overall, all these cameras work hand-in-hand with each other and provides more than enough for a mobile shutterbug.

Super Screen

With the cameras being able to produce such high-quality photos, it only makes sense that the A9 is packed with a screen that can display these pictures at its best. And the screen does not disappoint. Standing at 6.3 inches and being a Super AMOLED screen, it can display at a super sharp Full HD as well as providing a lot of depth in its colours. Whether it’s watching the latest Netflix hit or playing games like Star Ocean: Anamnesis or Mobile Legends Bang Bang, these medias really benefit with the A9 screen.


Minor Setbacks

One aspect of the phone that’s a little wonky is the actual size of the phone, with it being at 6.3 inches, it’s a little awkward to hold. There isn’t a good balance when holding it with one hand, though it’s perfectly fine when you’re holding the phone sideways. Another thing is that while the cameras work great when you have great lighting, you can’t do much when you’re taking pictures at night or under low light conditions. This makes the case for Samsung to introduce a Night Mode to their phone cameras soon, since so many of their competitors have been doing well in this department.


Overall, the Samsung A9 is one heck of a smartphone -  a cream of the crop in the current mid-range market.. With great battery life, smooth performances, and some great camera functions, this is definitely perfect for shutterbugs looking for an affordable option. It retails for MYR 1,999 and can be found at all Samsung stores and selected retailers.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy A9 review

The Samsung A9 paves the way for Samsung’s future.
Good Stuff 
Innovative camera
As good as a flagship
Long battery life
Bad Stuff 
Awkward size
Cameras don’t work well at night
Colours available are a little bland