Wireless headphones are meant to give you the freedom to do what you want without any wires to restrain yourself, and after the existence of Air Pods by Apple, the need for the headphones to be even more wireless took a turn. The Air Pods didn't catch my interest at all seeing the design, how easy it seems to lose it, as well as the fact that I'm not an Apple fan much. 

Still, the question remained; is there really a need for wireless headphones that are essentially wireless earbuds? The answer is yes, you just need the right one and if the Air Pods didn't tickle your fancy, then you can consider Sony's Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports WF-SP700N.

Best headphone design

In terms of design alone, the Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones caught my attention as it's basically the type I’d go for. I’ve always preferred sports headphones with silicon support fitting as those truly feel secure in my ears and are unlikely to fall out easily. The same case happened here with these headphones, and they remained secure and fit well during exercise. If you're worried the earbuds not  fitting well in your ear, no worries. The Sony Wireless Headphones set comes with various earbud sizes to ensure a good fit.  

It's also thanks to this design that it's possible to completely block the world out as you do what you want - be it for exercise or even just walking from one location to another. It would be dangerous for the latter part though, but thankfully the headphones do have an ambient sound mode, so you can still listen to music while also being aware of your surrounding, or even your workout buddy. You wouldn't want to cancel them out, would you? In order to access that though, you will need to get the Sony Headphones Connect App, which may be a bit of a pain if you don't like downloading an extra app just to control your headphones. But if not, it's a great addition. 

On top of that, the case for the headphones is also solid and compact, and it also acts as a portable charger once it's charged up and will ensure an extra two to three hours charge on the go. Definitely a plus.

All about that bass

As it says on the box, the Sony Headphones is capable of canceling out noise as well as being equipped with EXTRA BASS for a more powerful sound. Personally, I thought it did a good job in really delivering powerful music, but it does get a bit noisy on higher volumes, and you may find the music seemingly vibrating in your ear pretty annoying. Unless you're the type, like me, to enjoy such things to really get you motivated to move your body to the beat. 

Setting it up is also easy, but you will need to read the instructions first, as it's a bit specific. You will need to turn on the left earbud, and not the right, to connect to your device of choice despite there being a button on the right earbud as well. As mentioned earlier, to really access more features, it's best to get the app for more settings for your choice. As a default, the music setting is noise cancelling and EXTRA BASS. 

Probably the biggest problem you may have with these headphones is if you have any intention to watch videos with these. Your mileage may vary, as my colleagues didn't experience this, but there is a noticeable delay between the audio and video with these headphones. The audio is slightly delayed, and the lack of sync makes it hard to watch anything. I've tested these with two devices and experienced a difference in lag time, but it was still noticeable to me. Based on some reviews, I'm not the only one too.

Consider your money’s worth

Overall, Sony's Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports is really great to use based on the design and audio quality, but I highly recommend not watching videos with these. It seems to be the type of headphones that wants to keep you moving and not concentrate on watching videos as you move. 

With a price tag of RM749 though, you may find the price too steep for what it has to offer. But considering the design and audio quality, it would be worth the price as you can be assured great quality in terms of comfort and audio on the move and on the go.

Stuff says... 

Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones For Sports review

In terms of design and look, these Sony Wireless Headphones are great in ensuring security without any discomfort, and the audio quality can be tweaked to your liking with the app. The only problem is that it does have a lag on certain devices if you want to watch videos.
Good Stuff 
Great design
Assured comfort
Adjustable audio quality
Bad Stuff 
Lags with videos on certain devices
Requires an app for certain settings
The bass can be jarring for some