They’re still producing point-and-shoot cameras, you ask? You’re not wrong to be surprised at that fact, and it’s quite bizarre to come across one of these in the current era of smartphones equipped with a decent camera setup.

To ensure that compact cameras remain relevant in the market as an affordable alternative to a DSLR, Sony’s RX100 M6 camera has arrived and is well equipped to outperform smartphone cameras.

Small yet tough

The RX100 M6 is almost palm sized, and as you could imagine, storing this camera in your pockets or bags would not be a problem whatsoever. Without a doubt, it’s just amazing that so much tech is fitted nicely in a small package - more on that later.

The camera has a premium feel and finish thanks to its smooth metal build. With that, the camera itself is very sturdy and is able to handle several drops without sustaining internal damage. There are no claims of waterproofing for the RX100 M6, so it’s best not to expose it to rain when in use, and do try your very best as not to drown it either.

Also, part of the camera has a 3-inch touchscreen that could tilt up and down for selfies, or low and high angle shots. The touchscreen’s UI is straightforward and user friendly as expected from Sony, and you could also utilise it for designating focus points when taking your shots. Another cool feature of the RX100 M6 is its tiny pop-up electronic viewfinder which provides an impressive live view for your shots. The viewfinder hides nice and even within the camera’s body when not in use.

Eager to share you photos to your social media pages? Fret not, the RX100 M6 has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which can easily transfer your captured images directly to your phone. Remember, cheating by hashtagging your phone instead of the camera is a general offense… well, in my books at least.

Pocket Photo Sniper

The autofocus system on the RX100 M6 is incredibly fast. With 315 phase-detection and 25 contrast-detection points, the camera won’t have any problems tracking on moving objects. Just in case you need to be extra sure to nail that perfect motion shot, the camera has up to 24fps of continuous shooting with autofocus tracking.

The camera comes equipped with a 1-inch 20.1MP sensor, and a 24-200mm f/2.9 - f/4.5 Zeiss zoom lens which captures detailed and vibrant images. It also comes with good image stabilisation, as well as noise reduction. It’s 200mm optical zoom performs as it should when it comes to static or scenic photography, but does show signs of struggle when trying to capture moving objects. Low-light photography can be a hit or miss, and will preferably require preparation for your shot rather than a quick snapshot.

4K Videos? Yes, sir!

With a generously sized SD Card, the RX100 M6 is capable of recording 4K videos. In decent lighting or better, the 4K videos are of excellent quality. But not so much when in low-light, where noticeable grain can be seen in playback. That said, shooting in 1080p is likely the best choice for both conditions instead. The RX100 M6 also allows recording short clips in high frame rates of up to 1000 fps (not in 4K, sadly) and can be played back in glorious slo-mo if you you want to add a bit of Zack Snyder-esque flavour to your videos.


The RX100 M6 by no means is able to bring back the renaissance of point-and-shoot cameras, but it’s a device that was made for what it was intended to be and then some. While not perfect in most lighting conditions, it does capture beautiful photos and videos. Its size is perfect for a traveller, and barely takes up space in any form of storage. However, the RX100 M6 does come at a premium price at MYR 4,899. So if you prefer to have a standalone shooter rather than relying on your phone, and it is nowhere close to the bulkiness of a DSLR, then this camera is a choice worth considering.

Stuff says... 

Sony RX100 M6 review

A camera that’s capable of 4K and packed with a 200mm lens in your pocket
Good Stuff 
Compact size
Incredible photo and video quality
200mm optical zoom is pleasant
Bad Stuff 
May be hard to navigate due to small buttons
Images gets noisy in lowlight
Premium price