This review is focused on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite but with a twist, in which we compare it to its closest-in-spec cousin, the Galaxy S10+. While it has the word "Lite" in its name, there is certainly nothing "lite" about it. The Galaxy S10 Lite could be the answer for those who seek the performance of Samsung's 2019 flagship models with a friendlier price tag. So what do we feel about it?




The model that we have on hand is a Prism White version. And it seems that in 2020, Samsung is adopting a design blueprint for its smartphones to have an oblong-shaped camera component on the top left - of the rear panels. In some sense, it may resemble the soon-to-launch Galaxy A-series smartphones (namely the Galaxy A51 and A71). It features three cameras, where its performance will be visited below.

The Galaxy S10 Lite sports a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display, therefore its overall body size is slightly larger than the Galaxy S10+. While both phones are technically the white variants, the Galaxy S10 Lite has a more pearlescent luster, giving more multi-color sheen under the light. Both phones still look amazing on their own.

On the front, the Galaxy S10 Lite clearly has a great screen-to-body ratio (87.8% on paper). Its punch-hole selfie camera is also to thank for, for its ample screen space.

However, it must be noted that the display resolution of the Galaxy S10 Lite is 1080 x 2400 pixels at 394 ppi density, as opposed to the Galaxy S10+'s higher resolution at 1440 x 3040 pixels (522 ppi density).

The Galaxy S10 Lite's display is sharp, rich and vibrant nonetheless.

Unlike the Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy S10 Lite does not come with a dedicated Bixby button.

Also to our surprise, the Galaxy S10 Lite does not have a headphone jack, which the Galaxy S10+ proudly retains. With the growing adoption of Bluetooth headphones, it probably won't pose much of an issue but we certainly would prefer having one than not at all.

Camera Performance

On paper, the Galaxy S10 Lite is a 48MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide camera, and a 5MP dedicated macro camera. Its selfie camera, on the other hand, is a 32MP shooter.

The camera configuration is certainly different compared to the Galaxy S10+, which has a 12MP main, 16MP ultrawide and 12MP telephoto camera - with a dual selfie camera of 10MP and 8MP respectively.

This means that as we compare the photographs between the two smartphones, there will certainly be differences. Personally, the Galaxy S10 Lite is a powerful camera on its own. We included a series of photograph comparisons for your own judgement.

Selfie Quality

Galaxy S10 Lite - Left
Galaxy S10+ - Right

Main Camera

Galaxy S10 Lite - Left
Galaxy S10+ - Right

Ultrawide Camera

Galaxy S10 Lite - Left
Galaxy S10+ - Right

Zoom Comparison

Galaxy S10 Lite - Left
Galaxy S10+ - Right

Main Camera - Nightmode

Galaxy S10 Lite - Left
Galaxy S10+ - Right

Ultrawide Camera - Nightmode

Galaxy S10 Lite - Left
Galaxy S10+ - Right

General Performance

Sporting the Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon 855 chipset, the Galaxy S10 Lite is a flagship-level beast that can rival the best smartphones launched right up to the end of 2019. Effectively, it's a strong contender to flagship killers such as the realme X2 Pro

It took on games at maximum settings with little issues. But it does get a tad warm. For that, we recommend having a case on to buffer the slight heat. 

Its OS screams of Samsung's DNA through and through, so fans would be familiar with everything from Bixby to Samsung DeX. 

It does have a perk, which is a step above its almost-similarly-spec rivals namely a 4500mAh Li-Po battery that endows a long standby time. That is, we had gone through over a week on standby and pick up again at 40% battery capacity from a single charge. Quite impressive.




Our final say about the Galaxy S10 Lite is that - there is nothing lite about it at all.

It does have its drawbacks for ditching the headphone jack and having no water resistance but that doesn't mean it isn't worthy. In fact, it feels just like a flagship-class smartphone save for a few practical gimmicks such as a dedicated Bixby button. But is that really necessary?

At the point of completing this review, the price for the Galaxy S10 Lite isn't revealed yet for the Malaysian market; but we believe that even if it's priced at the premium range, it won't surprise us, and that's because it's just as powerful as any 2019's flagship killers.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Versus Galaxy S10 Plus Comparison review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is everything but "lite", and that's because it's one heck of a powerful smartphone. Perhaps it doesn't have water resistance but everything else rivals the S10+ and has a higher spec camera setup. With a larger 6.7-inch screen, it is certainly a great smartphone to consider in early 2020 - if you're a fan of Samsung smartphones.
Good Stuff 
Great photography capabilities
Amazing 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen
Chipset that rivals 2019 flagships
Large 4500mAh lithium polymer battery with a very long standby time
Bad Stuff 
Looks just like the 2020 Galaxy A series
Shouldn't be known as a "Lite" version of the Galaxy S10 series
No official rating or mentions of water resistance
No headphone jack