I won't give you a long introduction about the realme X2 Pro because it is indeed 2019's best value flagship smartphone that anyone can buy. While it does have its own set of flaws, they are certainly not the deal breakers to purchasing this affordable powerhouse of a smartphone. But why do I truly concur with all that has been said about it?


Like a lot of flagships, the realme X2 Pro has a lot of glass on both the display and rear back panel. The mid-frame is a colored brushed aluminum, which gives it that familiar premium feel when handled. The unit that I am reviewing is obviously the neptune blue version, and the back panel has a sort of reflective translucence with qualities that straddles between being a mirror and a polished metal sheet. On the back is also a quad-camera setup, evident by the parallel row of four lenses.

At the bottom, you will get a USB Type-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack (yay to that) and Dolby Atmos stereo speakers with 2 dedicated amplifiers.

The display is a 6.5-inch large panel, which gives an 84.9% screen-to-body ratio. The unlock/ power button is positioned on the right side while the volume rockers are situated on the left. The design can be summed up as simple and shiny, thanks to the bold translucent back panel in which it has been endowed with.

90Hz Display

Without all the bore of details, the realme X2 Pro's screen is a tad special for having a 90Hz refresh rate. What entails is a smooth-as-butter UI experience that is really not found in most contemporary smartphones - aside from gaming flagships such as the ROG Phone 2. Navigation and app experience are all enhanced visually due to the 90Hz screen, where everything glides effortlessly with zero stutter (or micro stutter to be exact). The difference between a 90Hz screen versus a 60Hz one is somewhat subtle but delightfully noticeable. To me, once you go 90Hz, you never go back. Never.

Overall display quality shouldn't be sidelined either. It's a Super AMOLED screen with 1080 x 2400 resolution and 402 ppi density, and features HDR10+ and DCI-P3 at 100%. Beyond the technicality, images are vibrant, sharp and definitely rival display powerhouses such as 2019 Samsung flagships.

Good for gaming?

We normally don't review smartphones as a gaming device but it's so hard not to mention its gaming prowess as I believe that for its price tag, a lot of gamers could potentially pick this up as a full-fledged gaming machine.

We tested the X2 Pro with the latest multiplayer MARVEL Super War at the highest graphical settings and the device just aced it. Not only that its large screen makes gaming a nice experience visually but its flagship-class components could practically run most of the latest games with no issues. However, the X2 Pro does heat up quite considerably after 20 minutes of gameplay. It's not particularly an issue for me because all machines do heat up under graphical stress.

Still, if you're looking for a smartphone that can run all your games and one that is pretty affordable, this is it.


On paper, the realme X2 Pro has a 64MP main rear camera, a 13MP telephoto lens, 8MP ultrawide angle camera, and a 2MP depth sensor, completed with a 16MP selfie camera.

Overall, the X2 Pro takes pretty good photographs. However, its ultrawide lens does struggle a bit in night mode.

It is not a bad shooter considering that for its price, you will be given a quad-camera setup that will suffice with your photography needs. But the best judge is yourself.

Here's how the cameras fare:

Main camera and ultrawide angle

2x zoom and 5x zoom (telephoto)

Portrait and selfie camera

Night mode: main camera and ultrawide angle


The X2 Pro does come with its own shortcomings and I have 2 that I would like to point out. The first being the absence of an official water resistance rating and secondly, no wireless charging.

Between the two, I'd hoped that the X2 Pro should at least be officially rated for some degree of waterproofing as that would really help in giving the device some sense of longevity.

Anyway, they are no deal-breakers as you're really paying for what you get. MYR2399 wouldn't get you another flagship that can do what it does, so a little sacrifice perhaps might go a long way?


All in all, the realme X2 Pro is akin to 2019's answer to a market of increasingly pricey flagship Android smartphones and does just that - being an affordable flagship device. Just like its ColorOS, everything is just simple, easy-to-use and yet quite nifty.

It's rare for me to be impressed with any smartphone but the X2 Pro is an eye-opener with its price tag. If you want a smartphone that can last you for quite a while and Android that can perform its best up to the end of 2019, look no further.

Stuff says... 

realme X2 Pro review

For its price, the realme X2 Pro has pretty much everything you would want from a flagship device, including a headphone jack! However, it lacks official water resistance rating and there's no wireless charging. If you could live without them, the realme X2 Pro might as well be the best value smartphone of the year.
Good Stuff 
Buttery smooth 90Hz 6.5-inch display
Flagship-level performance at an affordable price
Powerful 64MP shooter that can rival flagships for its price
Bad Stuff 
No official water resistance rating
No wireless charging
Heats up quite a bit during high-graphics gaming