realme may be a subsidiary of OPPO that focuses on wallet-friendly and near-flagship level phones, yet it has proven that affordability and performance can still go hand-in-hand with the recent realme 3 pro. The brand also takes pride in its entry-level products being one of the most affordable in the market with their non-Pro variants and C series phones.


With the release of the realme C2 just recently, is it worthy to retain the brand’s “Entry-Level King” title in 2019?


Diamond in the rough

The most eye-fetching element of the C2 is its diamond-cut finish found on its rear casing.The patterns emerge as light shines along the case, which actually makes it feel premium despite being matte plastic. Colour options include black and blue, while the latter does so well to stand out with the design.

Sights and sounds

The realme C2 sports a 6.1-inch IPS display with a small and tolerable notch which houses the 5MP selfie camera. The display provides a 80.3% screen-to-body ratio, but its slightly large chin at the bottom is something I find hard to ignore. Resolution-wise, the phone could only provide a 720p resolution which is still acceptable for high quality viewings of Youtube or Netflix. If you’re spoiled by high res displays prior to this, then the C2 may disappoint you.

The audio for this phone is unexpectedly good. It’s loud and does not show any signs of breakage in its output even at max volume. But as expected from above average phone speakers, it does not provide anything extra to enhance its audio in terms of clarity or bass. Well, at least it still has a 3.5mm jack.

Killer stamina

The realme C2 is powered by a Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of Storage, and Android 9 Pie with Color OS. To high-end users, the specs will appear lackluster but its decent enough for typical everyday use. There are no signs of struggle when it comes to accessing applications, but its limitations will begin to show once you start to multi-task. The phone is able to run games such as Mobile Legends and PUBG, but you need to cope with the slow load times and framerate drops. If you’re looking for an entry-level phone that’s capable of gaming, then the C2 may not be the best option.

If you’re looking for a starter phone that could last for a long while, then you’ll surely appreciate the realme C2’s 4,000mAh battery. On full charge, the phone is capable of operating for over 12 hours. Sadly, it doesn’t support any form of fast charging and will take around 2 hours for a full charge from zero percent. The C2 is still using microUSB for charging which is a bummer, but a necessary decision given the price of this phone.

Basic photography

The C2 is equipped with a dual camera setup consisting of a 13MP main camera with a 2MP depth sensor. Like any other camera setup within the entry-level smartphone range, you’ll get the most of its camera in broad daylight with above par details and vibrant colours. It’s not the biggest sensor around and you’ll definitely see a lot of muddled detail and noise when shooting in low light. Video is just okay for what it’s worth, but at least it records in 1080p at 30fps.


The realme C2 is certainly the brand’s current pride and joy for retaining the “Entry-level King” title. But with nothing extra placed on the table, that’s just as far as it goes when it comes to price and performance. Overall, the C2 is without a doubt a good choice for a starter phone with an astounding price point. Don’t forget it has a generous battery life too.

Stuff says... 

Realme C2 review

When it comes to affordable and stylish starter phones, the C2 is a solid choice
Good Stuff 
Gorgeous “diamond-cut” design
Attractive price
Generous battery life
Bad Stuff 
Struggles when multi-tasking
Poor performance for gaming
Average camera setup