You know a smartphone is not going to disappoint when it has Pro in its name. The regular realme 3 was reviewed back in April, and it was a highlight entry-level smartphone for us here in Stuff. Now, the folks at realme have decided to up the ante with the realme 3 Pro, and boy did they upgrade this phone up nicely.

realme 3 VS realme 3 Pro

The realme 3 Pro is a massive upgrade in more ways than one. Firstly, the RAM and storage have been upgraded to 6 GB and 128 GB respectively, as compared to the realme 3’s 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage. This is of course backed up by the biggest hardware upgrade; the processor going from the previous MediaTek Helio P70 to a more industry standard  Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. This of course gives the Pro a bigger edge and a much smoother performance.

The rear cameras have also been upgraded to a 16 MP and 5 MP, a slight upgrade from the 13 MP and 3 MP cameras of the previous model. Same goes for the front camera, which received a massive boost, going from 13 MP to 25 MP in the Pro model. With all these in place, the cameras are a definite highlight on the Pro. It’s perfect for photographers and videographers alike. In fact, we filmed this whole video here with just this phone, and it came out really good.


The realme 3 Pro comes equipped with a 4,045mAh battery that supports VOOC 3.0 fast charging, while this certainly helps with your daily needs, it’s definitely a boon to mobile gamers. With the realme 3 Pro, gaming is never an issue, with every game playing smoothly and no issues when it comes to frame rates and connectivity. Games like Super Mecha Champions and Fortnite are highly recommended to play on this phone.


Minor, minor issues

The only slight issues with the realme Pro 3 is with the phone’s build, which is fine but doesn’t scream flagship. The easiest way to put it is that the phone’s capabilities isn’t reflected in the way the phone actually looks. The phone is still casted in plastic, which is still not as premium feeling as it should be, especially for a Pro version of a smartphone. Besides that, the realme 3 Pro smartphone still uses micro USB, when other flagships have moved onto USB-C.

Overall, the realme 3 Pro is an amazing smartphone and really does the job of being a reliable and powerful phone. Minor squabbles aside, the realme 3 Pro is a worthy upgrade, with its price being only MYR 300 from the original realme 3, and even then the price is still below MYR 1000. You can do definitely do worse in this price range, or you can do the best with the realme 3 Pro.

Stuff says... 

realme 3 Pro review

Perfect for photos, games, and everything in between.
Good Stuff 
Amazing hardware for cheap
Long battery life
Great camera for photos and videos
Bad Stuff 
Phone doesn’t feel premium
Uses micro USB
Unappealing colour