OPPO has been releasing quite a number of smartphones in the year 2018, and the R17 Pro is definitely on the top tier list of phones released. With so many to choose from though, you will need to do some research on which one you would want your hands on, so here’s our review on the R17 Pro.

It’s a looker

The first thing I noticed about the OPPO R17 Pro is that even though it looks gorgeous, it's really slippery when held. As if knowing this would happen, you will find a cover for the R17 in the box, which feels more like a deterrent from it slipping rather than the optional cover that comes in a set.


On the other hand, the R17 Pro uses Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 which is meant to better withstand consecutive drops - so even if it does slip out of your hands, it's meant to be sturdy to withstand that (not that we're keen to test out though).


Even with that said, it has to be the most attractive smartphone I have ever seen. The colour gradient it has is absolutely eye-catching, and is bound to attract anyone who would prefer to have a phone that doesn't stick to the usual default colours of blue, red and black. The one we had was the Radiant Mist, but you should also look out for the Emerald Green option.


The only major aspect I disliked about the design is that it lacks a headphone jack. They do provide you headphones that connect via the type-C connection, but personally it's not a trend that I'm accepting fondly for now.

Best camera features

The R17 Pro's camera is one of the best out there, with a setup of a 12MP and a 20MP sensor together with a TOF (Time of Flight) sensor on the back. You can definitely take some great pictures with the back thanks to this, but the biggest attraction is how pictures are taken in low light. As long as there's a small amount of light in the area, pictures do look a lot brighter and clearer compared to most smartphones out there.


The unlocking feature on this phone is also pretty impressive, with an in screen fingerprint sensor as well as face recognition. So even if you could use the fingerprint sensor, the face recognition works really well, which made accessing the phone a lot simpler.


Other than that though, the  R17 Pro works the same as every other smartphone. As the speakers are at the bottom of the phone, it has the usual issue of it being blocked when gaming. It's still really loud and clear though, so it's pretty good if you don't mind where it's situated.


The display is gorgeous, and even the notch is small enough that it doesn't get in the way much when you watch videos in full screen or even during gaming. However, if you’re not a fan of notches, it may still not be ideal for you

Consider if the features are worth the price

The OPPO R17 Pro is officially priced at MYR2,699 which makes it higher on the midrange smartphone tiers out there. While security and camera features are great and also looks amazing to boot, it may seem a bit pricey as the other features are the standard expectation while also lacking a headphone jack. Even with that said, it does have a great camera that works really well in low light settings, so if you’re in need of that this is definitely one of the best smartphones to get.

Winner of Stuff's Editor's Choice Award 2018


It is a pleasure for us at Stuff Asia to provide our audience with our reviews and recommendations for every product that we have received from various innovative brands in the Malaysian market. Among the many products that have landed in our office and in our writers' hands, there are those that stood out from the rest and truly deserve a worthwhile highlight with our Editor's Choice Award. We offer the award to products that has achieved favourable feedback on multiple factors such as design and worthwhile features.

The OPPO R17 Pro is awarded with Stuff's Editor's Choice Award of 2018 with the following highlights:


Best Smartphone Design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the OPPO R17 is one of the best looking smartphones we've had on hand. It has a generous screen-to-body ratio display with bright and vivid colours, and its rear panel's colour gradient is absolutely eye-fetching. To top it off, the phone itself is ergonomically friendly thanks to its size, intuitive button layout, and fantastic in-screen fingerprint sensor.


Best Smartphone Camera

The R17 Pro's camera is one of the best out there, especially at its price. There are plenty of brilliant pictures taken thanks to its setup of a 12MP and a 20MP sensor together with a TOF (Time of Flight) sensor on the back. Best yet, its camera's impressive performance in low light is defintely a highlight. Most will assume that such camera features are only available in high-end and pricier flagship phones, but the R17 is here to prove that wrong.


Best Smartphone Within MYR 2,500 - 3,000

A mid-ranger is rarely considered when seeking a smartphone with attractive features which would usually cost a premium. However, the OPPO R17 defies all that by packing multiple high-end innovations and technologies in an affordable mid-range package.

Stuff says... 

OPPO R17 Pro review

A good-looking phone that also creates good looks in low light settings
Good Stuff 
Gorgeous casing
Great camera that works for low light settings
Security system is top notch
Bad Stuff 
No headphone jack
Slippery without cover
Other features feel standard in comparison with the price