The OPPO Enco Free isn't officially launched in Malaysia at the point of writing this review (in December 2019) so we're quite lucky to be able to get our hands on a unit. Anyway, the true wireless headphones market is gaining a lot of steam as of late and OPPO wants to be in it. But, is the Enco Free worthwhile?

The Charging Case

The OPPO Enco Free is reminiscent of, well, the Apple AirPods. While I don't wish to juxtapose the brands together in this review, it's hard to ignore that Apple's design has always been used as a sort of benchmark blueprint. But that aside, the built quality of the Enco Free is nonetheless premium. For information about what's included in the box, just watch our unboxing video as linked above

Essentially, it's ready for pairing when you open the charging case right out of the box. And the whole thing feels really nice on hand. The charging case's cover is magnetic so it will snap to close, leaving no gaps.

On the bottom of the case is a USB Type C charging port, while on the side is a single function button, which serves as a bluetooth pairing resetter. There's a tiny indicator in the centre of the case and next to the OPPO branding, which flashes in several colors to indicate battery levels and bluetooth pairing statuses. 

The earphones are magnetized to the case when you insert them in and they will stay put even if you try to shake them out. But that doesn't mean it is hard to remove them from the case. However, if your fingers are ever so slightly oily, then pulling the earphones out might be a bit of a slippery endeavor. 

While we hoped for it, the charging isn't equipped with wireless charging. 

The Earphones

The Enco Free earphones are pretty technological in several ways but there are some things to take note of.

First off, the earphones will only function properly when both of them are worn simultaneously. Removing either one of them will immediately pause your music (as tested with Spotify). So the key here is to never, ever, lose either one of them. Music will automatically play when you put them on again.

The next feature is what makes them even more crucial, as both the left and right earphones have different touch controls for your music. The left piece allows you to control the volume of your paired smartphone by sliding your finger up or down its shaft. Conversely, the right piece lets you toggle the previous or next track with the same sliding touch control.

By double-tapping either one, you can also play and pause the music. Holding your touch for 3 seconds on either one will toggle voice assistant, which in my case is Siri (Apple iPhone 11 Pro).

Comfort-wise, it sits just nicely on my ears without the need of swapping the ear tips. It is also pretty snug and you certainly don't have to worry about it falling off.

Audio Quality

The audio quality onboard the Enco Free is best described as having enough clarity but slightly smothered. There is some semblance of bass but not the kind that reverberates. For that, the Enco Free's audio is adequate enough to paint the dynamics of lows and highs but may not satisfy bass lovers.


The OPPO Enco Free is really well-built and would be a nifty gadget to have for sportsmen and travelers. It feels premium and its technologies are expected of true wireless headphones. However, the tinny audio and the absence of bass might not win audiophiles over.

All in all, if you're looking for a pair of true wireless headphones, the Enco Free is certainly worthy of having some attention. But when it comes to audio preference, it all depends on the user - so always give them a test before you decide on the purchase.

Stuff says... 

OPPO Enco Free True Wireless Headphones review

The OPPO Enco Free is OPPO's foray into the true wireless headphones market and the product pretty much hits all the right notes except for wireless charging capabilities. Its audio quality is decent and would be perfect if more focus was invested in it.
Good Stuff 
Really good built quality
Comfortable wear that is also snug
Long lasting battery
Bad Stuff 
No wireless charging
Audio is slightly tinny