I have always been a fan of the Lenovo Legion series. It was one of the most affordable gaming laptops you could buy when the Lenovo Y520 came out. In terms of the specs offered, there were really few that could compare. But when you do, the first thing you compare is the way it looks. The old design of the Legion laptops just screamed “gamer” with red motifs everywhere. Unless you are a college student, you’d think twice about lugging those around to meetings and conferences.


However, Lenovo has recently released a new line of Legion of laptops that tones down the design a bit. I had the opportunity to review the Legion Y740 and boy, is it a looker.


Desktop-Like Performance

The Lenovo Legion Y740 is no slouch when it comes to its specs. The unit boasts an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H processor with 16GB of RAM. Which is more than enough to do the heavy lifting. Coupled with NVIDIA GeForce RXT 2060 with additional 6GB of memory, there is no worry that this laptop will be able to play the latest games with aplomb and more.


Complete with a 1TB hard drive, there is more than enough space for both your games and work files. With this much potential, it seems a bit weird that it is equipped with a 3 Cell Li-Polymer Internal Battery with 57Wh to power everything. The laptop could only last about 2 hours under normal usage (web browsing and word processing) and less than an hour under heavy usage (gaming/ video editing) when it is not plugged in.


Elvis Would Be Proud

Visually, the Lenovo Legion Y740 is great to look at. Unlike the older design that was loud and in-your-face, the current design adopts a more subtle touch with conservative colours and a matte aluminum  finish. I personally like the new design as it feels more grown up, but that doesn’t mean it has lost its gamer DNA.

The laptop features a prominent “chin” that houses all the connectivity and power ports and also has trypophobia-inducing holes at the bottom to assist  with cooling to remind you it still represents “gaming.” There is a 15.6-inch FHD (1920x1080) IPS screen that has an anti-glare feature and LED backlight for all your viewing needs. The unique thing is that the 720p HD web camera is positioned at the bottom so as to create a thin bezel at the top.

The keyboard is backlit with Corsair iCUE RGB lighting but is placed in an awkward position  since there is a vertical line of multi-function keys on the left. While quiet, keystroke travel is short and spongy which doesn’t inspire confidence in the input being registered when typing at higher speeds.  

It’s Really Heavy & A Bother But At Least You Look Good Using It

Everything about the Legion Y740 sounds great so far, but is it the best gaming laptop there is? The keyword here would be if you could  consider it a “laptop.” Measuring at 36.14cm x 26.7cm x 2.24cm and weighing at 2.2kg, I would consider it a workstation rather than a laptop. It is not something I would consider lugging around daily but I would rather have it set up at home since the battery life is non-existent anyway.


In conclusion, the Lenovo Legion Y740 is a solid pick if you need a gaming workstation (that looks good) that you can set up at home or at a coworking space. If you are looking for a portable gaming laptop that you can carry and use in your commute though, you will be better off looking somewhere else.

Stuff says... 

Lenovo Legion Y740 review

Super powerful gaming laptop that is a hidden sleeper.
Good Stuff 
Amazing specs
Unique position of webcam to provide thinner bezels around the screen
Mature gaming aesthetics
Bad Stuff 
Keyboard layout is a bit awkward
Battery life is non-existent
Not exactly the most portable