There is never a better time to buy a smartphone than now. With Huawei recently beating Apple for the second spot in the market in 2019, the mid-range market has become a free-for-all with companies pulling out all the stops in their latest offerings.


Honor’s latest foray into this market is the Honor 20 (not to be confused with the Honor View 20 released earlier this year), A quad camera mid-range smartphone that packs a punch and reportedly will enable you to shoot like a pro. In this review, as a complete beginner in photography, I will try to see if what they claim to be true.


The Internals

Before we proceed, let us discuss what is under the hood first and foremost. The Honor 20 uses the Kirin 980 processor that is also featured in higher spec models in the market. Coupled with 6GB Ram, it is able to handle most things like multi-tasking and mobile gaming with aplomb. The phone comes with 128GB of internal storage which means adequate space for most of your data storage needs. There is no option for expanding that storage though. At 3750 mAh battery capacity, usage life for the phone is just about makes it under a day but may not last any longer than that under heavy camera usage.


Looks Everyone Could Love

The build features a “Dynamic Holographic Glassback” that feels great to hold and look at. The model that we had for review is a Sapphire Blue but is prone to smudges as expected. Single hand usage is comfortable on this phone with a 6.26 inches IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080. The fingerprint sensor at the side is a nice surprise, adding to the overall ease of use when using the phone daily.

Four Eyed Charmer

The Honor 20 features 4 front-facing cameras that does a number of neat things. The first camera at the top is a 16MP Super Wide Angle Camera. Then followed by the main camera featuring the 48MP Sony IMX 586 sensor. Below and positioned side by side are the 2MP cameras for Depth Assist and Macro Shots. All in all, all these cameras work together to enable you to amazing shots (I was surprised myself) in various situations.

Below are some test shots with the phone. I am not by any means a professional photographer but capturing these shots were really easy with the assistance from the AI that can detect various subjects and adjust your settings accordingly.

This shot was taken in the 48MP AI ultra clarity mode. Colour representation is good as expected of a Sony sensor. The camera actually takes about 5 sec to render this shot. I am not quite sure what wizardry could be happening with the AI but it certainly looks unassuming. Until I tried taking a picture at night.

Although the AI advises that there should be sufficient light, pictures captured in this mode in low light conditions are nothing short of breathtaking. For really dark environments however, the Honor 20 has a night mode that can brighten up the shot by using various ISO exposures and stitching them together and produce the one you see below.

When capturing marco shots as well, the Honor 20 is able to get really close up to the subject matter without having much difficulty in focusing minute details when required.

The Middle Child

As amazing as the Honor 20 is, it is hard to not realise that it is the 2nd model in the Honor 20 Series after it’s younger sibling the Honor 20 Lite. It has also been revealed that there is an older sibling the Honor 20 Pro releasing soon which features a telephoto camera and a larger battery capacity. However, at its price range, the Honor 20 is a solid pick if you are an aspiring photographer that would like to take professional-looking pictures without much effort. The Honor 20 is a smartphone camera monster I’d welcome in the dark of night any day.

Stuff says... 

Honor 20 review

Awesome camera phone but lacks the juice for heavy usage
Good Stuff 
Amazing build quality
Really good cameras
Bad Stuff 
Non-expandable memory
Small battery capacity for its intended use