The world is moving towards interconnected devices, with Internet Of Things (IoT) being a necessity to each and every home. Thankfully, we live in an age where these sort of devices are getting cheaper and cheaper. One of the cheapest of course being the Google Home Mini.

While overseas, smart home assistants have quite a number of different brands and options for the modern home owner. For us here in Malaysia, we aren’t quite blessed with any of Amazon’s offerings. So no Echo devices or Alexas for us, though we wouldn’t need them with Google’s offerings. Google’s own line of smart speakers are thankfully available in Malaysian stores.

The Google Home Mini is slightly bigger than your palm, set in a cool, marble white. This is of course the Mini, so it is definitely smaller and lighter than the regular-sized Google Home. That doesn’t mean it skimps out on the functionality of the device. With the Google Home Mini, you can have Google Assistant be a part of your home. Use it to set alarms, set reminders, ask questions, and so much more.

Once you have this device in your home, it definitely becomes just as essential as your fridge or TV at home. Having it at the center of a room ensures that you can hear the device and it can hear you. Placing it in the middle of your room if the optimal placement, not only does it become a useful tool around the house, it also makes for a neat, little centrepiece. A great conversation starter and topic all at once. You can also play games with your friends on the Google Home Mini, so it makes for great entertainment as well.

So some of the minor drawbacks is more specific to us here in Malaysia. One would be the multitude of accents that most Malaysians have, the Google Home Mini won’t pick up on heavier accents, so do try to speak in a neutral accent to avoid miscommunications. Secondly is that while the Google Home Mini might be perfect for apartments and condominiums, it’s not too good for 2 or 3 story houses. To do that, it might just be better to keep in a single, common room. Lastly, it’s not the easiest to set up; in fact it can be quite finicky. But with enough patience, the Home Mini will connect to the Internet and your phone just fine.

Overall, the Google Home Mini is a handy-dandy little device that is an absolute delight and perfect for modern homes. If you already have Smart TVs and other IOTs, then the Google Home Mini is really a no brainer.

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Google Home Mini review

An affordable companion that’ll change your life.
Good Stuff 
Very cheap
Sounds great
Lightweight and easy to put around the house
Bad Stuff 
Not so great for multi-story houses
Takes time to get used to accents
Not the easiest to connect to