We are now in the age where photography can be done anywhere and anytime with the convenience of your phone’s camera. Be it during travelling or when you’re dining, it’s almost a habit for a person to whip out their phone to snap a photo and upload it to social media.

Storing or sharing these photographs digitally is convenient, but how about having a physical print of it as a memento to keep or to gift without the need of a polaroid camera? Thankfully, there are pocket printers that can do just that.

While there are several already in the market, Canon takes up to the challenge with their own Mini Photo Printer featuring a compact design with high quality colour prints. Here’s our take on it.

All things simple

The Canon Mini Photo Printer is plastic in its overall design. It’s simple but not unremarkable, and it comes in three different colour themes: Slate Gray, Rose Gold, or Mint Green. The printer is compact; measuring at 0.7 (height) by 3.2 (width) by 4.7 (diagonal) inches, which fits nicely in your hand and in your pocket or bag.

Loading the Canon ZINK paper into the printer is very easy. Open the top casing of the Mini Photo Printer, place the paper into the compartment with the print area facing up, and close it back up.

The user-friendliness doesn’t end there. Printing your pictures is straightforward; just a matter of connecting the Mini Photo Printer to your phone through Canon’s official application (available on both Android and IOS) via Bluetooth, and then selecting the photos to be printed out. You can also do various edits before printing such as adding effects or text, and adjusting the size of the photo.

The Mini Photo Printer has a battery capacity of 500mAh which is not much, but it could print 20 photos on full charge. Of course, if you’re planning to print your entire gallery, you could hook it up to a power source via USB to keep it printing as much as you want. Provided you have plenty of ZINK paper too.

Picture almost perfect

Printing photos with the Canon Mini Photo Printer is a delight. The printer can hold and print 10 pieces of ZINK paper, and it only takes about 25 seconds to print out an image. Like ye olde’ polaroid photos, you don’t have to worry about replacing ink cartridges since the colours and images are formed on the specialised ZINK paper itself. Shaking the photos isn’t required, but it’s still fun to do.

The printed photos are sharp, but the colour output may not turn up as accurate as its on-screen counterpart. Some colours will appear less vibrant than it should, and contrast may appear slightly harsh. But this may be a case of your mileage may vary, as some photos do turn out fine. The ZINK paper measures at 2 x 3 inches which could also be a sticker by peeling off the seal on its back.

Tiny helper

The Canon Mini Photo Printer is an accessory I didn’t know I actually wanted. As someone who uses both DSLR and phone camera, I do shoot a lot of photos and share them on social media. With the printer in hand, I get a lot out of it by printing my work for my own collection or as a memento for someone.

The printer will set you back at MYR 499 which could be considered pricey for some, and a set of 10 and 20 pieces of ZINK paper costs MYR 20 and MYR 40 respectively. In terms of quality, the Canon Mini Photo Printer performs exceptionally well, compact and portable to be brought around, and is incredibly easy to use. For what it offers, it’s definitely worth the purchase and investment, at least in my personal opinion.

Stuff says... 

Canon Mini Photo Printer review

The Mini Photo Printer is a great companion for those who enjoy digital photography.
Good Stuff 
Compact size
High quality prints
Very easy to use
Bad Stuff 
Colours are a bit of a hit or miss sometimes
Bluetooth connectivity only