There’s one combination that most Malaysians really gravitate to, that being roadtrips, motorbikes, and Thailand. The allure of the open road, on a powerful machines, to a foreign country has become a special rite of passage for the youth here in Malaysia. The original Bikers Kental tapped into that rite of passage, and the sequel taps into the next phase of life.

The first movie had Zizan Razak as Bidin, who found a bunch of money, bought his dream bike, and went on a road trip to Thailand with Eddie, played by Awie. Along the way they fight mobsters, get into hikinks, and eventually Bidin meets the love of his life. Now, in Bikers Kental 2 has him going back to Thailand to propose to his girlfriend, Cherry, played by Julangtip Sukkasem Seeing that it has been 6 years from the first movie, it seems apt that the audience for this film are going through the same motions as Bidin is in life.

Though of course, nothing is as it seems. As Bidin makes his way to Phuket to propose, he realises that he has forgotten the ring and also runs into some old foes from the first film. He calls his friends Eddie and Aidid, played by Awie and Afdlin Shauki, to bring his ring and back him up if trouble finds him. The two loyal friends then make their way to Phuket to give Bidin the ring and provide backup against any looming threat that might befall on them. One of the biggest threats would be Cherry’s bodybuilding, Muay Thai fighter of a brother, played by Pont Cranium. This mountain of a man disapproves of their love and is one of the biggest obstacles between them and their marriage. 

Basically, the plot is pretty shallow, tied with the gangster subplot that fuels the action scenes in the film. With the name of the film being Bikers Kental, you know you’re in for a bunch of chase sequences between our heroes and the bad guys. For the most part, they’re pretty good, with the bikes slip and sliding on the highways of Thailand. The setting of the movie is definitely the strength here, as well as the Thai cast providing a little more than the usual slapstick fare that Zizan and the gang are used to. Maybe because they were speaking in full-on Thai that makes them sound compelling. Of course, on our side we have the legendary Awie, who is a delight on every scene he’s in, especially in the fight scenes since he looks like the only person in the film who can actually fight.  

The film has the same tired jokes you’d expect from Zizan, he’s going to be making jokes on his nose, ogle at girls, and over-exaggerate at every opportunity he gets.  Afdlin Shauki also just plays himself most of the time, so really nothing new on the table. There’s also the forced romance between Bidin and Cherry, they don’t seem like they’re actually in love and they’re not really the driving force of the story. Things happen to them, but they don’t actually make things happen. There’s also the language barrier between them, neither of them speak each other’s mother tongue, so they resort to speaking broken English to each other.


Overall, Bikers Kental 2 certainly has its audience, those who are fans of the first movie, and biker culture at large are sure to have a good time. It’s a shallow good time, but a good time nonetheless.

Stuff says... 

Bikers Kental 2 review

Just Kental enough.
Good Stuff 
Great chase sequences
Thai cast is great
Awie is a legend
Bad Stuff 
Tired jokes
Weak and uncompelling leads
Bad English dialogue