As our entertainment content, from video games to online video, move more and more towards the 4K resolutions, display monitors that can accommodate that high definition becomes more desirable. Initially, when 4K monitors just entered the market, they were quite expensive - but now in 2019, they are getting affordable. One such monitor is the Acer ET2 with a slightly confusing model name ET322QK.


Build Quality & Design

The build quality for the ET2 is pretty standard - metal stands with plastic chassis - a design that’s fairly minimal as well. The stand itself does take up 9.7 inches of space front to back, but it makes up for it by being a pair of connected V-shaped legs that lifts up the display considerably, 20.8 inches tall, and providing some desk real estate under the screen - this is where I put stuff like my keys, wallet, phone and maybe a cup of coffee. The ET2 is around a carriable 5.62kg which might be surprising if you’ve seen the box it comes in - the reason the box is huge is because the monitor comes with the stand attached so you basically just plug in the power and your device - so ease of assembly 5 out of 5? A headset hook is also available in the box that can be screwed in on the back on the monitor so you can hang your headphones there.


Other than being easy to set up, the monitor comes with just 4 ports - two HDMI ports, one displayport port, and a 3.5mm audio jack which is enough for my own setup. Maybe some USB ports would be nice but it’s not a deal breaker for me. The ET2 has a navigation joystick and four buttons for the settings - it’s simple enough to go through the settings and changing the modes. The monitor could only tilt from -4 to 12 degrees - not a whole lot so hopefully you’re not viewing it from an extreme angles.



The ET2 display is 31.5 inches with a 4K resolution of 3840x2160, 60Hz refresh rate and a 4ms response time. Given the screen size and resolution, you’ll have plenty of space to play with - I could write my reviews or articles with ample space on one side while watching a vid… I mean… having my research and material on the other side, is what I mean to say. Acer claims that the ET2 covers both 100 percent sRGB and AdobeRGB colour accuracy, so creatives know that what they’re seeing on screen is proper representing the colours they want. I can definitely attest to this - I had a lot of fun editing videos and photos with this monitor that when I’m back home and editing with just my 15-inch laptop is getting me itching for a proper monitor of my own. The screen also comes with a matte finish for reduced glare.

The ET2 monitor is also great for 4K gaming since it goes up to 60Hz at that resolution. But before you get this monitor, make sure you have a machine that’s capable of gaming at 4K - with my own laptop, I could not play most modern titles at 4K, but I was able to play 2012’s first person role playing shooter Borderlands 2 at 4K at a consistent 60Hz. I only found out afterwards when writing this review that you can lower the resolution to 1440p and go up to 75Hz. Additionally, it has a 4ms response time so you know that your speed isn’t hindered by the monitor, particularly during a heated gaming session. It’s also safe to assume that gaming with consoles on this monitor will work just as well.

There are two speakers under the screen which are decent to say the least, but anyone would be more inclined to a dedicated sound system. However, it will serve well enough in a pinch.



The Acer ET2 is a 4K monitor that provides great colour accuracy and goes up to 60Hz, while being at an price that is reasonable for the quality in its build and display.

Stuff says... 

Acer ET2 Monitor review

An affordable 4K desktop monitor that’s great for creatives, gamers or anyone looking for a quality display.
Good Stuff 
Robust build quality
4K resolution up to 60Hz
4ms response time
Affordable price
Bad Stuff 
Comes in a huge box
Subpar speakers