Streaming may seem easy enough, but a streamer knows that the most important aspect in ensuring a successful stream that is engaging and smooth sailing is by using the right tech. With an increase of gamers wanting to show off their skills to the world, Razer has not only created products with gamers in mind, they now have a product for streamers with their headset, the Razer Ifrit.

Now don't get me wrong, just because the Razer Ifrit is meant for streamers, that doesn't mean gamers can’t use it too. The main reason why the Ifrit gets more hype for streamers is due to its design. The Ifrit headset comes with earbuds that's combined with a slim frame that can be hidden for those with long hair and an an adjustable condenser microphone, making it lightweight and less bulky. The key factors with the Ifrit is that it will not mess up your hair, can be on your head for hours without wearing you out, and will not be noticeable, sans for the adjustable mic towards your mouth.

But what if you're just a gamer, not a streamer? Well, you should still look into the Ifrit as its microphone is top notch. The Ifrit comes with a Razer USB Audio Enhancer, which ensures a high sound quality and almost no background noise. If you're comfortable with using earbuds, you could use the Ifrit for hours of gaming as the headset won't wear you out due to it being lightweight.

Testing out the Ifrit, even background conversations and noises couldn't be heard while I was  streaming a game. This is great if you want to game or stream in a noisy surrounding. But if you're hoping to have someone join you on the stream, the converter does have two microphone jacks so your streaming partner can plug in their headset, and you both can stream together.

Despite having a great lightweight design with an impressive sound quality, the Ifrit does have its flaws. The major one I realised was how hard it was to transport the Ifrit to different locations, and this is something you will need to look out for as the wires for the earbuds are rather fragile and, when pulled wrongly, could break. On top of that, plugging the headset with the audio enhancer means you will have some long wires to deal with. Long story short, the Ifrit is not ideal for streamers on the go, and would be better off used and kept in one specific location.

Beyond that, the Ifrit is the perfect companion for Streamers who want to stream in style and comfort without compromising quality.

The Razer Ifrit is available on the Online Razer Store and is priced at RM519.

Stuff says... 

Razer Ifrit and Razer USB Audio Enhancer review

If you want to take your streaming career to the next level, be it for gaming or online discussions, you should definitely consider getting this. With a slim frame that can be easily hidden in your hair and is lightweight, as well as a Razer USB Enhancer for a strong audio quality, you can expect the best streaming experience with this.
Good Stuff 
Perfect hair at all times
Lightweight and discreet
Can be used for long hours without strain
Bad Stuff 
Can be fragile
Hard to transport from one location to another
No proper place to keep once done